09 / 22 / 2018
  - 07:00:00 AM
7th Annual Medway Town Wide Yard Sale

Courtesy Medway town pages)-Seven years ago, Christine and Andy Parchesky had an idea to bring a large-scale yard sale into Medway. The couple had enjoyed traveling to out-of-stateflea-market style events, and theythought residents of the town might enjoy participating. “Everybody has such a good time,” Chris Parchesky said last year, “We bring a lot of people to the town, including some cus- tomers who’ve come for the lastfive years from the Cape. We’vebuilt up a little following.” As of August 1, applications for the town-wide yard sale will be up on the town website, as well as at several business locations intown. (Although not confirmedat deadline time, in the past, ap- plications have been available at Medway Town Hall, Charles River Bank, Middlesex Bank, Anne’s Market, Star Market, and online at the town website, www. townofmedway.org.) For $10, Medway residents who’d like to participate will have their address placed on a map that will be sold for $1 at Med- way Plaza (across from Burger King), starting at 7 a.m. Out-of- towners or organizations without a location can rent a booth at Medway Plaza for $25. All of the proceeds from theevent, which originally benefitted Medway 300, now benefit theMedway Christmas Parade. Ac- cording to Richard Parrella, who organizes the annual Medway Christmas Parade that draws 6,000 each year, that contribu- tion translates to about $1,400 to $1,500 each year for the 26-year- old privately funded event. “It’s a major fundraiser for our parade,” says Parrella. “It sup- ports at least 15% of the cost.” Parrella says about 93 Medway households held a yard sale that day as participants last year, with an additional 14 booths at the Medway Plaza. 

If you have questions about the yard sale, feel free to contact Chris Parchesky at (508) 533-2774.

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