02 / 09 / 2018
  - 05:35:29 AM
An Ode To Pizza

By MyFM's Ray Auger - That heavenly halo of yum!  Pizza, pie, za... but don't ever say za.  People who say za also say brah, sometimes in the same sentence as in "Brah!  I could really nosh a za right now".  They hang in packs and probably don't want you around anyway... so you should be safe.  But I digress.  Strings of melting cheese that connects lover to object of affection.  A "secret" red sauce that, if you are lucky to find it, makes you question the meaning of life.  Toppings, of your choice, that may be responsible for forming you into the human being you are.  Much like wine and cheese, a pizza can be carefully paired with a specific brew for added employability. The enjoyment factors are limitless.

It can be a spiritual experience, a moment of solidary Zen.  Or it can bring people together in a culmination of culinary appreciation or second-thought social consumption.

Pizza can be found in a fancy restaurant as well as the seediest of dive bars.  It can be prepared in the style of gourmet or microwave-chic.  It can be easily prepared by word-class chefs or your stoner cousin Dale.  It can act as an early morning, on-the-go, or lackadaisical, breakfast option.  No other can hold it's delectable delight overnight as much as today's honored item can.  Depending on the topping(s), pizza can either make you exclaim your joy from the rooftops or curse the day you were born.  No other food can alter it's likeability/dislikeability as drastically with a single addition of a meat, veggie or non-conforming edible item (such as mashed potatoes or pineapple).

Not only does each and every normal, red-blooded human being have their favorite, but they also celebrate particular or specific "houses" of pizza.  In some cases they may have "a guy".  Great amounts must be consumed before committing to that life-long bond.  But when you find it, it's a loving relationship like no other.

It's also one of the few foods that have multiple acceptable acts of ingestion.  "The fold", "the roll", "the straight up", fork and knife, even the occasional spork when the crust allows for a utensil as such.

However you say it, take it or consume it, today we celebrate you, oh glorious pizza.  Here's to you ol' friend!  Happy National Pizza Day!



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