02 / 02 / 2018
  - 12:59:34 PM
Don’t Take This Sunday For Granted, Patriots Fans

By MyFM's Jake Archer - I know it’s tough to savor the moment when it comes to anything in life. You get caught up and you don’t realize what’s happening while it is and then when you look back you think about how you should’ve held onto that time in your life a little tighter. As sports fans, and especially as Patriots fans, I think we are all a little guilty of that. It’s easy to take this last 17 years of dominance for granted because at this point it just seems like the way the world works. Well, it’s time to cherish the moment.

I’m only 23 years old so I have basically only lived a life of Brady and Belichick. For as long as I’ve been a football fan, they have been winning and seemingly going to the AFC Championship Game or Super Bowl every year. Sure, I believe that there isn’t much reason to say they won’t be back next year and the year after, but you never know. Brady is 40 years old and although he has been phenomenal, things could end in an instant. We’ve seen it with other great athletes and teams.

So this Sunday, please make sure you enjoy the game a little bit more. I know it seems like even Patriots fans have a little bit of fatigue and people are just feeling less excitement, but get it going because it’s needed. The team has a chance to further add on to their legacy and you never know if this could be the last time they do. You’ll miss this when it’s over in a few years so just remember to get every last bit of fun out of it that you can.

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