02 / 07 / 2018
  - 01:13:30 PM
Free Agent Slugger JD Martinez "Fed Up" With Red Sox, Would Rather Sign Elsewhere

By MyFM's Jake Archer - We are a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training and the offseason has still be dead silent for the Boston Red Sox. Yesterday however, we got a report from Ken Rosenthal that top free agent slugger J.D. Martinez is "fed up with the Red Sox inflexibility and would rather sign with another club." To this, I say GOOD! I don't want this type of player on my team and I've been saying it all along. 

Sure, it would be nice to make a big splash and have something somewhat exciting to talk about in regards to the upcoming baseball season, but you don't make a move just for that reason. I've been of the mind that Martinez is an anomaly and should not be overpaid. He performed in a contract year and may or may not be (cough) clean (cough). Add in that he's clearly a money hungry diva who will throw a tantrum if you don't play by his rules and I want the Red Sox to stay as far away as possible. 

Recently, I've been starting to fall into the trap of thinking the Sox should sign this guy if we can get him to agree to our terms. They apparently have a five-year $125 million offer on the table which is down significantly from what Martinez' asking price is. But now, I want the Sox to pull the offer. Don't give him a take-it-or-leave-it or a deadline, just tell this guy to kick rocks. The one thing we don't need in this already dysfunctional clubhouse is another guy like this.

This guy has no market otherwise he would be off the table by now. So like an typical Scott Boras client, he's trying to play games and remain steadfast. He won't budge and he's going to stamp his feet and be angry about an astronomical amount of money. I've really never seen anything like this though, at least not to the extent of possibly sitting out like he claims he will. Martinez really needs to get over himself. He was flat out released by the Houston Astros just a few years ago and now he thinks he has the ability to turn his nose up at a crazy pay day because it isn't good enough.

At this point, the Red Sox can't even sign him. The fans in Boston now hate this guy. We know what he is and that is a disaster waiting to happen. So it honestly wasn't a good negotiating tactic for him to go right out and say he doesn't want to be here because now we'd be against him from the first inning he plays. Dave Dombrowski needs to move on from this guy hijacking everything and move forward with other things. Even if it means just trotting out the same roster as last year and kind of waiting for the trade deadline or next offseason, I'm okay with that. Just do not sign JD Martinez. 

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