02 / 02 / 2018
  - 01:11:53 PM
Jake's Super Bowl LII Preview

By MyFM's Jake Archer - This NFL season has been unlike any I have seen in my young life. There was just so much that seemed out of whack and the most unpredictable league got even more unpredictable. The one constant through all of this though, has been the Patriots. They are still here at the top of the mountain, looking like a larger than life behemoth. It doesn't even matter that this is one of the iffy-er Patriots teams of the Brady and Belichick era. I knew they had the room to be flawed about a quarter of the way through the season, when I saw what everyone else was looking like. 

Now, of course there will be quite a few people picking the Eagles in this bout on Sunday because that's just how it goes. People want to convince themselves that the Patriots will lose, or they want to look like a genius if the improbable happens even if they don't believe it will. I thought about this game a lot over the past two weeks and just like with any Super Bowl, I bounced around with a bunch of different theories on what would happen. Pay attention to that word, "would." It's not "could" because we all know that there's always a chance of something going sideways. With the Patriots though, sometimes you can ignore that and buy into what will actually happen.

So, let's just get this out of the way. I'm picking the Patriots and I'm picking them to put a hurt on Philadelphia. It'll be a game that feels like a runaway and the score of 31-20 won't indicate how bad the Eagles will play. I'm making that leap because I feel it in my bones. There's just too many people overhyping a team guided by Nick Foles and Doug Pederson. There is too many people buying into the fact that the Super Bowl ALWAYS has to be close. No, it doesn't and it won't be in Minnesota on Sunday. 

Am I totally disregarding the Eagles? Well, yes. I don't think they have a shot to win the game and that lies more with what they aren't then what the Patriots are. If this was a Minnesota or a New Orleans, I'd be worried. But this Eagles defense is overrated, the offense has no weapons and I'm not convinced they are ready for the moment. Don't try to tell me the Birds can cover Gronk and keep up with Brady once he picks up the pace and starts attacking their below average secondary. 

The Philly front four will try to put pressure on the quarterback, but I don't think they'll have the amount of success most do. Brady will be ready for them and he was actually the best under pressure this year. He's also had success against Jim Schwartz in his career and if the Eagles decide to run a zone, forget about it. Couple that in with Philly defending decidely better at home and I think this is a total aerial assault from the Pats that opens this one up early. 

When it's all said and done, Tom Brady will be a 6-time Super Bowl champion and we'll be looking toward another parade next week. It's great to be a Patriots fan.

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