02 / 08 / 2018
  - 01:46:02 PM
Rob Gronkowski Is Not Retiring, He Just Wants A New Deal

By MyFM's Jake Archer - Ever since Sunday night after the Super Bowl, there has been a lot of talk about Rob Gronkowski. Sure he got his home robbed, which I covered here, but there have been a few other topics surrounding Gronk that have people up in arms. They center around the star tight end calling it a career and never playing another snap for the Patriots, and I'll tell you why you should not worry.

On Sunday night after the game, a reporter asked Gronk whether or not he would consider retirement this offseason due to all of his injuries he has sustained over his career. It had been thrown around a little bit pregame and when asked Gronk responded with "Um, I don't know how you heard that but I mean I'm definetly going to look at my future for sure. I'll sit down in the next couple weeks and uh, see where I'm at." 

This non-committal answer scared almost everyone in Patriots nation, but I'm not taking the bait. A few days later a report came out that Gronk was being "pushed" by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sylvester Stallone to retire from the NFL and jump to Hollywood because he could make millions as an action star. It was also put out there that Gronk has reportedly told friends close to him that injuries have taken a toll on him. 

So obviously this is a hot story right now and a lot of people are saying it would make sense for the big guy to call it quits and pursue an acting career. I think personally, that this whole thing is fishy. The Gronkowski family is decievingly calculated and I feel like they are playing up this angle to gain leverage on a contract with the Patriots. We know he views himself as underpaid and he was relativley healthy all year while being very productive. This could be the best chance he has left to get a big payday. I believe the Patriots know that too and they'll restructure but they won't do anything drastic. 

Gronk loves football and loves being what he is right now. While he probably does want a Hollywood career after his playing days and while he probably does hate the injuries that come with football, he's not going anywhere right now. This is a bluff and nothing more. The Gronk clan planted this retirement thing and I wouldn't look into it too much. You'll see him galloping down the field and spiking the ball again in 2018. 

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