02 / 23 / 2018
  - 07:51:03 AM
The Dirty Dish - Friday February 23rd, 2018

If you are watching Queer Eye on Netflix you’ll be happy to hear that AJ, from the To Gay or Not Too Gay episode, who, spoiler alert, finally found the courage to come out to his stepmom with help from the Queer Eye guys, is engaged to his partner Drey.  Can you imagine a wedding with those guys as your wedding planners???

In case you have been wondering about the on again, off again, relationship between America’s Sweethearts, Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff… they are most definitely not getting back together after their January split.  And a nation mourns.

Actor/Comedian Chris Tucker confirmed what Jackie Chan has been teasing for years… their dynamic detective duo characters will be returning for a 4th installment of the Rush Hour series of movies.  Chan says it’s now or never considering that they are not getting any younger.  In fact, the working title is Rush Hour 4pm:  The Early Bird Special.

Actor and SNL alum Chevy Chase was involved in a road rage incident a couple weeks ago when a car cut him off on the highway.  Allegedly Chase gave… chase, flashing his lights and directing the car to pull to the side of the road.  After an exchange of words, the driver of the car claims that Chase took a swing.  That’s when a passenger in the car hopped out and delivered a kick to the 72 year old actor’s shoulder, knocking him to the ground.  Chevy then exclaimed, “Do you know who I am?!”.  The guy who delivered the blow then responded with his best action movie hero one-liner voice, “You’re Chevy Chase… and I’m not.”  (That was way too much work for a such a stale payoff… I apologize.)

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