03 / 02 / 2018
  - 07:27:01 AM
The Dirty Dish - Friday March 2nd, 2018

Well… The Juice is back.  That’s right, we just can’t seem to distance ourselves from O.J. Simpson no matter how hard we try.  On March 11th Fox will be airing a two hour special, with limited interruptions, called O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession.  Back in 2006 Simpson sat down with noted publisher, producer and host Judith Regan where Simpson delivered a shocking hypothetical account of the events that occurred on the night of the murders, the special will be the world's first look at the interview after the tapes of the infamous exchange were thought to be lost for over a decade.  Will he or won’t he confess?  We’ll find out next Sunday night.

Parks and Recreation alum Rashida Jones thinks she may be able to bring back the 1980 classic comedy 9 to 5 and make it relevant in today’s #MeToo and Times Up society.  20th Century Fox approached Jones recently about the project.  The original trio of Tomlin, Fonda and Parton reunited recently at the Emmy Awards to deliver an award, so there’s a little clue on the reality of this news.   I’m taking bets on who will remake the classic Dolly Parton theme song.  My money is on Carrie Underwood.

Do a search on Amazon for Jack Pearson Slow Cooker (too soon?) and you’ll find some fun, fan-made decals for your very own slow cooker.  The decals offer phrases like “Hey beautiful, don’t forget to un-plug me – Jack” and other similar variations.  The decals go for $8.  And yes… I did just buy one.  Don’t judge me.  Come to think of it, where’s that Grey’s Anatomy “Drive with care, trucks are everywhere” bumper sticker I ordered two years ago?

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