03 / 20 / 2018
  - 05:50:25 AM
The Dirty Dish - K-Fed, Bond...James Band, It's Good To Be King

Remember K-Fed?  Kevin Federline?  That lucky son of a gun who won the lottery when he married Britney Spears in 2003.  After the two divorced in 2007, a golden anniversary in Hollywood standards, K-Fed was handsomely rewarded with a check for $1.3 million, a hefty amount of cash for spousal support for a few years and $20 thousand a month in child support.  TMZ reports that K-Fed has been crying poormouth and is looking for more.  He approached Britney’s dad and the lawyers went at it.  Apparently 20 Gs is short money for raising two boys these days.  The fact that Britney has come into some recent success with her sold out Vegas show has got Federline feeling a little deserving of that action.  But nobody is buying it and he was told to make $20 grand work.  Problem is that his rap career is just not taking off after 15 years and Toys R Us just closed so he’s out of a job.

Director Danny Boyle revealed last week that he is working on a script for a new James Bond film with his collaborating partner John Hodge who wrote the script for Trainspotting which Boyle directed.  No word if he will direct the Bond flick though.  Daniel Craig has announced he will continue to play the role of Bond.  In this movie, which deals with current events and issues, James will have to answer for all of his past indiscretions against women.  Miss Moneypenny is finally speaking out.

"Black Panther" is now the first film since "Avatar" in 2010 to take the No. 1 spot at the box office for five consecutive weeks, earning $27 million this weekend to pass the $600 million mark domestically.  With a total of $605 million, the film will pass the $623 million made by "The Avengers" sometime this week, making it the top superhero movie on the domestic charts. At 31 days, it's the second-fastest film to gross $600 million domestically, sitting only behind "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."  Wakanda officials are thrilled with the attention the movie has brought to their once unknown country and hope you’ll visit soon.  Call your travel agent today to book your trip.

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