03 / 16 / 2018
  - 12:12:50 PM
The Dirty Dish - Stan Lee, Burt Reynolds and Willy Wonka

Comic book legend Stan Lee has finally been reunited with his mini Pomeranian, Charles.  Lee and his friends canvased the neighborhood with “Lost Dog” flyers after the pooch went missing last week but had no luck.  It wasn’t until NFL great Jim Brown and his wife, who live a mile away from Lee, were out walking that hope was found.  After some superhero detective work Brown was finally able to reunite Lee with his Pooch.  And it just goes to show that not all superheroes wear capes.  Thor ain’t got nothing on Jim Brown!

I’m a huge Burt Reynolds fan but Burt is not making it easy to like him these days.  Whether he’s slapping the press or calling out HIV positive Charlie Sheen for “getting what he deserves”, that charming smile and glorious ‘stache has seemed to have worn thin over the past few decades.  Reynolds was promoting his new movie “The Last Movie Star” when the 82-year old veteran actor took the creep factor to a whole new level.  Today’s Hoda Kotb asked Reynolds to identify the love of his life to which he responded, with a little hesitation, “Well she was 7 when I met her.  She stayed 7 for 11 years… it was Sally Field”.  Absolutely frightening.  He went on to congratulate Hoda for not “making her lips larger” as he kissed her hand, most likely an expression of dislike for plastic surgery even though these days Burt looks like a Ken doll chew toy that a pack of wild dogs share. In his defense he had a very busy schedule that day and the stress probably got the best of him.  Hoda at 9am, water aerobics at 10, bingo at 11, lunch and 3 hour nap of course and dinner at 4.

Thought this little tidbit of entertainment news was cool.  Remember the TV-loving Mike from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  Well, nearly 50 years after, Mike’s dream finally came true when he appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy recently.  59-year old actor Paris Themmen hid his true identity and credited himself rather as an entrepreneur and avid backpacker, claiming that he has visited over 60 countries.  It didn’t take fans long to recognize him and the word got out on social media.  Themmen came in second with $8,600 in winnings. 

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