01 / 09 / 2017
  - 09:57:23 AM
What Makes a Community Special?

By WMRC's Ray Auger - What makes a community special?  It's not the number of outstanding dining establishments.  It's not number of recreational offerings available.  It's not even the average household income.  It's the people... plain and simple.  People make things happen, make things special.  People have heart and compassion.  People drive a community to greatness.  I have seen, time after time, the people of great communities come together for a cause.  Whether it's through our annual Radiothon to benefit the Oliva Fund For Cancer Care (named after a family who's generosity inspired the fund) or lending a financial hand to a family who is going through a difficult time, it's local people who drive these efforts and bring some light to a cloudy situation.

On Sunday Febraury 12th, Julie Atherton will be hosting her 2nd Annual Queens Night at the Crystal Room in Milford to raise money for HMEA's Autism Resource Center.  Now, what I love about this special community is what followed Julie's event announcement... and this is just one example.  Local bartender, Tommy O'Toole (The Tradesman) took a moment to get serious the other day on Facebook.  He posted a video explaining that this cause is very near and dear to his heart.  Tommy then announced that he will be personally raising money for Julie's fundraising efforts and taking an extra step beyond purchasing tickets and attending the event.  He reached out to his Facebook friends and family to help reach a $1000 goal that he set for himself.  This is just one example of local people going above and beyond to make a difference.  Julie by hosting a fun-filled event and Tommy using that event and cause to boost the numbers even higher.

And so it goes from benefit to benefit and fundraiser to fundraiser in a local community like Milford.  People helping people helping people.  Local businesses standing behind those people to make the community a better place.

So if you happen to cross paths with Tommy O'Toole, thank him for his commitment to the cause by contributing to his goal.  If you happen to enjoy good music and the company of great people, we'll be passing the hat at tonight's Local Music Social at The Tradesman in Milford.  And don't forget... a handshake and gracious gratitude can go a long way in thanking someone who dedicates their time to helping others.  Let folks like Julie and Tommy know we appreciate them for making our community a better place to live.

Get more info about the 2nd Annual Queens Night for Autism HERE

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