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Witch's Woods is Prepared to Scare

Starting on Friday, September 29th, 2017, Witch’s Woods, New England’s Premier Haunted Hayride and Halloween Screampark, will operate every Thursday through Sunday night through the month of October, finishing on Halloween night, at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, in Westford, MA.

Many people are unaware that deep in "The Woods" of Nashoba Valley, lurks a dark and terrifying secret! According to an ancient legend, a coven of witches met secretly each October to practice their powerful magic. Their one sacred task was to guard an ancient "gateway" that held back the dreaded creatures of the night. Despite the coven's best efforts, the evil presence has inevitably grown too strong. The Supernatural creatures now roam the woods freely in search of helpless prey to drag into the night. The authorities were called in, but not a single trace of their bodies was ever found.  Are you brave enough to take “The Haunted Hayride” to discover the legend of Witch’s Woods… or will you just become another victim?

A cast of almost 200 character actors comprised of local professionals, students, and contractors will transform into some of the most scream-inducing ghosts, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, and vampires, every night. Amazingly, this transformation of actors takes place each night in just over an hour.

“Halloween and Haunted Houses are a New England tradition in the fall season. Witch’s Woods takes this concept and transforms this tradition into family entertainment for all ages,” says Al Fletcher, President and General Manager of Nashoba Valley Ski Area. "It is a new experience at Witch's Woods every single season.  Costumes, characters, set designs and attraction themes change on an annual basis, to give the place a whole new feel each season," Fletcher explained.

Spook-tacular attractions and exhibits at Witch’s Woods 2017 include:

  • Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride - All New Theme - "Summer Camp from the 1980s".

Our signature attraction at Witch’s Woods is a thrilling hayride right out of your worst nightmares. This year, step back in time to a 1980s Summer Camp! The Hayride will take guests on a tour of the deserted camp ground, along with our camp counselors, who will tell the scary stories once told around the campfires. However, a blood-thirsty, demonic family still lives on the property and now these legends appear to have come to life along the ride! New England's longest hayride lasts a scary 17 minutes… Unless you never make it out of Witch's Woods!

  • Vampire Passage Voted “Best Scare” in 2016 ... "Where the Night Has Fangs"

Many years ago, 13 heavily armed men were seen carrying a large oblong box into these very woods. The box was tightly wrapped in chains and locks. Legend has it, that the box contained the remains of a legendary female Vampire. Their mission was to take her to a secret trail deep in the woods and burn the evil creature, destroying her reign of terror! As the sun rose, the authorities only found what was left of the men, shattered pieces of wood and broken chains. Some say, she and her fanged minions roam the passage at night, hissing and clawing like wild animals in search of new victims, desperate to spread the Vampire’s Curse!

  • Nightmare Mansion -"The Abandoned Victorian Mansion" - The Ski Lodge at Nashoba Valley Ski Area has been transformed into a seemingly abandoned Victorian mansion. In reality, it has become the birth place for a wicked infection that turns anyone in contact with the disease, into a ravenous being.

The inhabitants do not want to be disturbed! Enter if you dare…

  • Castle Morbid -"Commune of Witches"– Terror takes a new twist in this Medieval Castle, once you step into a world where witches have taken over human kind. Those that enter the castle are soon overcome by the fear that they will fall under the spells of the witches and never escape.
  • Keeper’s Crypt 3D- "The Clown House" – Clowns, Clowns, Clowns are everywhere…3D glasses truly make the brightly decorated halls of The Keeper's Crypt, difficult to navigate and tough to maneuver around these creepy clowns, when they are hiding around every corner! Come experience It! It will blow you away!
  • Giant AnimatronicsWatch out! Massive animated creatures, including a giant mummy, a huge fly, a gargantuan spider, a giant vampire, vampire bats, a demon slayer, werewolves and an alien beast can be found around the Witch’s Wood's grounds.
  • Jack O’Lantern Jamboree – Every night, hundreds of professionally carved pumpkins will illuminate Witch’s Woods. Excellent photo opportunities and entertaining for the whole family!
  • Horrorwood Chamber of Chills – This is Hollywood at Witch’s Woods, with some New Scenes this season. Computer - Generated Imagery will be incorporated in several scenes this year in Horrorwood Chamber of Chills. "CGI" (3D computer graphics) is used for creating scenes or special effects in films and television. This exhibit pays tribute to horror film icons past and present.  Jason, Freddie, Count Dracula  ...... the Gang's all here!
  • Carnival Games – Test your luck at The Carnival Games and win fun prizes!
  • All New This Season for Carnival Rides – Every Paid admission includes unlimited carnival rides on all three Thriller Attractions for one All-Inclusive price, with our Free Ride Band!

Witch's Woods 2017 Killer Thriller Stage Show Live Performances (Hourly shows)

  • Hosts: New MCs— Hourly, the MCs will add their own flare and host this entertaining stage show with audience participation. Win fun prizes, including skiing and tubing tickets.
  • The Time Warp... Killer Thriller/ Dance Off... Witch's Woods Style – Audience participants will show off their ghastly and ghoulish moves out on the Main Stage in the “Thriller” dance contest to win prizes.
  • Monster and Vampire Trivia – This random jaw dropping Monster, Witch and Vampire trivia will have your mind spinning!
  • The Gore-ified Air Guitar Contest – Selected participants will show off their best "air jam" on the Main Stage to win.
  • Freaky Fire Performers  – Watch Fire Poi, Fire Hooping, flaming whips, fire staff twirling and dazzling displays and daring feats with fire, in an on the edge show. Don't try this at home!

Halloween Bash, October 28th, at The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge:


  • Live Entertainment featuring – One of our most popular bands, will be up at The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge, rocking the night away. Band starts at 8pm.                                                  
  • Extravagant Fireworks Display – For over 25 years, Nashoba Valley Ski Area has worked with Atlas PyroVision Productions to create Fireworks shows over the mountain.  Show fires at 10pm.
  • The Annual Halloween Costume Ball and Contest – Get creepy and kooky with your Halloween Costume and head up to The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge to win fabulous prizes. Contest only for Adults 21 and older.  Our team of Ghouls and Beasts will roam the room, looking for the best costumes. Judging takes place just after midnight.

The Outlook Restaurant                                                                      

The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge at Nashoba Valley Ski Area features savory steaks, fresh seafood, and pastas in a rustic setting with a view.  The menu and specialty drinks change and are themed with the seasons. The restaurant will have some life-size, custom made horror movie characters displayed throughout the venue and every night the staff is dressed up in costume in the spirit of Halloween.  Live music will be offered every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the Outlook Restaurant and Lounge.

Amazing Rates, Group Rates and Special Promotional Packages Available

Fun for the whole family! The ticket window opens at 6:30 pm, with the last ticket being sold at 10:30 pm. The park stays open until everyone gets through! Parking is always free. Tickets to Witch's Woods are $37. Advanced discount tickets are for sale online only, at scary low prices. Frighteningly low rates are also available to groups of 15 or more. Scary Savings Reservations for group rates must be made 24 hours in advance.

For special ticket discounts, please visit Sullivan Tire, Honey Farms, Papa Gino's and Gervais Lincoln-Kia-Volkswagon for coupons and amazing promotional packages. To find out more about Witch’s Woods, tickets, the Free Ride Band and special promotional packages go to www.witchswoods.com. To purchase tickets for groups go to: www.groupsales@witchswoods.com or contact Witch's Woods Group Sales at 978-692-3033.

Corporations and Groups can experience a terrorific group outing at Witch’s Woods, if you dare.  Enjoy a fun filled “Fright Night” with a Ghoul-may Buffet and Spirits, catered by the Outlook Restaurant and Lounge. For more on catered corporate events email pam@skinashoba.com or call (978) 501-4700.

Media Contact: Pam Fletcher Cell: 978-501-4700 email: pam@skinashoba.com        

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO:   www.witchswoods.com

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