11 / 16 / 2016
  - 02:09:42 PM
WMRC's 2016 Coolest Local Bartender Finalists

Be it a local bar, restaurant, pub or tavern, chances are you frequent one of these culinary and/or spirit-oriented establishes from time to time  And chances are you have a favorite bartender there.  Someone who is quick with a smile, story and, of course, a tasty drink for celebrating, forgetting or just relaxing.  Bartenders are a special breed of service workers.  The good ones own their space, manage the crowd, keep folks coming back and are some of the coolest cats I know.

For the past few years, WMRC has been searching the local area for the Coolest Local Bartenders.  In 2013 and 2014 we asked fans to nominate and vote.  We stepped up our game last year with our first bartending competition with our top finalist at Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale.  BJ from Mickey Cassidy's in Mendon took home the honors that year after eight judged events.  This year, after over 5,000 people voted for over 70 nominees the ballot, we move to Central Tavern in Milford with six finalists from the local area.  They will compete in six events for a chance to win $200 cash and the title of WMRC's Coolest Local Bartender.  Our friends at Budweiser will be on hand with prizes for our runner-ups and giveaways for the fans!  Tim Rice will be taking photos.  And we'll have some musical entertainment as well.

Here are your finalists...

Tim Stephenson - Alicante Restaurant in Mendon

Maegan Sutton - Scioli's in Milford and Valley Pub in Whitinsville

Tommy O'Toole - The Tradesman in Milford

Brooke Cassidy - TJ's Food and Spirits in Ashland

Laura Flaherty - Union Street Grill in Franklin

Krista Lovezzela - Central Tavern in Milford

Come on down and cheer on your favorite(s) on November 30th at 7pm.  The competition starts at 8pm!

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