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The Paul Parent Garden Show

The Paul Parent Garden Show - Sundays at 6am

Host - Paul Parent

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Well, ("Good Morning, Gardeners") is the cheery Sunday morning greeting familiar to over half a million radio listeners in New England and more from the rest of the USA, from "Mr. Nice Guy", Paul Parent, among other horticultural endeavors, Paul Parent has hosted "Paul Parent Garden Club" every Sunday morning from 6-lOam on his syndicated talk show on the Genesis Communication network for the last 30 years.  January 29, 20114 will be Paul's 30th year on radio.

Paul is probably responsible for more successful flower and vegetable beds, lawns and landscaping projects, in all of the New England states, than any other one regional garden authority. When Paul gives gardening advice to novice or master gardener, it is based on years of training, formal horticultural education, experience as a gardening writer, a home gardener himself, early apprenticeship as a greenhouse worker and now, former owner of his own Nursery, Greenhouse, and Garden Center in Scarborough Maine. Paul Parent is the owner of his own consulting business called Paul Parent Garden Consultant. He and his family reside in Kennebunk, ME. Paul has been an educator on air and has written for newspapers and magazines. He has been invited by the top people in the industry to speak and participate at major horticultural events.

Paul hails originally from Auburn, Maine. Sharing a happy home with four siblings, Paul has had his own garden for as long as he can remember. His Mother claimed his interest started because the morning of his birth she was picking peas in the family garden. His family moved from Maine to Scituate, Massachusetts, when Paul was 13. Graduating from Scituate High in 1967, with an eye toward a career in horticulture, Paul enrolled in Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts. He spent his academic time in Stockbridge totally immersed in floriculture, landscaping, and turf management studies and graduated with degrees in Floriculture and Landscaping. Married in 1972, Paul, and his wife Chris have raised three sons, Matthew, Jason, and Patrick. Two of Paul's sons have followed him into the business Jason as a gifted florist, who has been published in eight national bridal magazines and Patrick a graduate of UMass with an associates in Horticulture and a bachelors' in Urban Forestry and he is the one of the managers of a Nursery in Peabody, MA. Paul's radio listeners have come to know all of Paul's family as he recounts tales of their lives on the air.

About 30 years ago, Paul, who was working at Kennedy's in Scituate, took the advice of a Stockbridge colleague, Bob Thompson, recommended Paul for the job because Thompson who was leaving his gardening radio show to take over Jim Crockett's PBS Victory Garden. That was the beginning of a marvelous 30-year love affair between "Mr. Nice Guy", as a New England gardening magazine calls him and more than half a million radio listeners on Sunday mornings year round. In addition to his already busy schedule of running a business, hosting a radio show, and being a loving husband and dad, Paul and his wife Chris are popular travel tour hosts. Patrick takes over for Paul when he takes his listeners on tours. So it is all in the family.

Gardening has become the No. 1 hobby of America. "People are hesitant to ask the most basic gardening questions because they don't know were to go" and Paul is their answer.

"Education gently mixed with humor is the key to my proven success...." according to Paul.

For the last thirty years, "The Paul Parent Garden Club Show" has focused on accurate and up to date information. His show is fun, interesting, and entertaining with a relaxed format where listeners are anxious to participate with questions and comments on a wide variety of topics. He appeals to young and old with gardening information on how to ensure a successful gardening project. The listening public has been listening and receiving sensible advice for over twenty-nine years from their friend Paul.

As Paul often says, "There is no such thing as a dumb gardening question!" It is this approach that has built confidence and loyalty as well as ever-expanding listeners. Paul loves to teach what he has learned from others to everyone he meets or listens to him, either at his lectures or on the air.

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