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Ray Auger - Mr. Everything

What would ya say you do here?

Well, my business card says Mr. Everything so there you go.  I host MyFM in the Morning, work closely with our website and social media platforms, client relations, chief complainer AND cheerleader (tough balance) and promotions.

Favorite Music:

I truly love it all.  Good music is good music.  I sing in a few bands so I tend to lean towards that stuff.  Party Rock (We’re Going Streaking), Country (Tailgates Down) and Yacht Rock (Captain and the Stubings)… we play a lot of the latter here on MyFM which is cool.  All time favs… AC/DC, Van Hagar, 80s hair metal, The Rat Pack, Bryan Adams.

Favorite movies:

Not a fan of this question… I’m kind of a pop culture junkie and can’t make lists like this.  Jaws (top of list), Super Troopers, Old School, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future.

Favorite TV shows:

(Old school) Cheers, Wings, Happy Days. (New school) The Goldbergs, The Mandalorean, Schitt's Creek, The Walking Dead (again… too many to list.)

Favorite books:

The Da Vinci Code, I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can (Tom Bergeron), Kiss Me Like A Stranger (Gene Wilder), The Dirt (Motley Crue)

Favorite Foods:

I’m on the Keto so now it’s mashed cauliflower, chicken-crusted pizza and biscuits and sausage gravy. 

Favorite local town and why:

Milford has my heart.  My grandparents moved out here when my dad was in high school so he stayed in East Brookfield, that’s where I grew up.  But I spent a lot of time visiting Milford and now feel very proud to be a resident now.  My family has been ingrained in the community for over 50 years in one capacity or another and I’m happy to be following in their footsteps.  

Favorite restaurants in the area:

Depot St. Tavern, Pepperoncini’s, Red Heat Tavern, Restaurant 45, The Garden Restaurant

Pet peeves:

Bad drivers, celebrating people that contribute nothing to society but have somehow gained notoriety for doing absolutely nothing (Reality show and/or YouTube “celebs”)

Guilty pleasures:

Boy bands and rom coms

Reality show you would most likely be on:

I think I could have pulled off old school Survivor… not well… but I’d make you laugh at my horrible survival skills.   I once landed an interview with Big Brother but chose my career over making the trip to L.A.  Probably a smart move.

Where could we find you on a weekend afternoon?

Binge watching TV shows and catching up on movies.  Or hanging with the fam.

Do you have any unique skills?

I can read people pretty well.  I know if your going to be trouble within 5 seconds of meeting you.  Some call that “being judgy”, I like to think I’m a bit clairvoyant.  And I know too many non relevant pop culture facts.

Best concerts you attended:

Anything at the Worcester Centrum and Great Woods from 86 to 89… Def Leppard in the round, AC/DC’s Who Made Who and Razor’s Edge shows (Money Talks was filmed at the Centrum), Beastie Boys, Whitesnake.  Most recently Chris Stapleton at “Great Woods”, Chesney at Gillette, Extreme at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and Sammy Hagar at Foxwoods.

Words of wisdom:

“Have a good time, all the time” – Viv Savage, Spinal Tap

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