07 / 30 / 2015
  - 11:37:06 AM
10 Questions With Anger Management

1. Who is Anger Management?

Well, we start with the three blood relative cousins Bob R. (vocals), Ron E.(vocals) and John P.(drums). Father and son team Joe M. (bass) and Tim M. (keyboards) and Ralph A. (guitar). Most of these guys are currently or originally from the local area of Milford and Holliston.

2. What is your role in the band?

Guitar player, self-appointed band promoter, band practice-place facilitator in Holliston on Tuesday nights and fork truck driver for the band equipment.

3. Are you indeed so angry that it needs to be managed?

Really no anger at all, nor is there any resemblance to the like named TV show other than the coined band motto of “Dancing is Good Couples Therapy” (hence the band logo of a dance couple silhouette) But simply the name came from an old local town street fighter story Bobby knew.  This dancing and fun focused music band starts with two Milford neighbors Bob and Joe. They started the band for their sons to keep the 4 young boys busy and out of trouble during Milford football league off season. The plan worked! The young men are now gone and better for it. This left room for the big boys to step in, buy some good sound equipment and have some real fun which was the secrete plan after all.

4. When playing a room for the first time what steps do you take as a band to prepare?

We usually make sure we have everything loaded. One time upon arrival (45 minutes before show time!) Ronnie discovered he forgot his song book and had to borrow my car, run back to the warehouse in Holliston where we practice and get it! The ride from Natick to Holliston and back is 45 minutes…that’s if you don’t get stopped by Sherborn PD.

5. What is typically the first song you play that gets people moving?

Blue Sued Shoes – this is where Ronnie has some fun and holds the band after singing first 4 words…“one for the money” then he starts in with the crowd. This is one of our better tunes that always get’s the crowd dancing. This maneuver ‘could’ be more Ronnie than song, but it works. Musically we ROCK this tune with a ‘Blues Strat’ under tone. Elvis would be proud of this dance-crowd pleaser.

6. Two upcoming shows!  Two different crowds!  One bar crowd (Liz's on the 1st) and a park crowd (WMRC & Claflin Hill Family Night at the Bandstand on the 11th).  Do you have to "switch gears" in a situation like this?

Well our goal is to get people dancing, and right away. Our set list though flexible has proven successful ‘as is’ but we may calm it down with more ballads up front at the Milford bandstand. Dance and fun focused whether at the bar or an outdoor family crowd, a wedding or a back yard block party. We’ve played them all so far.

7. Two cover bands leave two cities heading towards each other at different speeds.  What happens when they reach each other?

No doubt we will be last to arrive, or at least will be the last band ready to play. But that won’t be the deciding factor of who covers for who. One glance at the three cousins of The Anger Management Band (crossed armed with drum sticks and microphones in hand) the first arriving group will submit themselves entirely as the short session cover band. This only works however if they only know us by name. We are really a bunch of sweet guys.

8. If you could have one famous musician fill in for one night who would it be?

Clay Aiken may do well…

9. How would the guy he replaced feel about that?

Ronnie would gladly defer since the gig with Clay would be at the annual Nursing Home Christmas party my mother has been asking us to play at.

10. What's next for Anger Management?

Well, we are having so much fun with this band, playing out, getting friends and family together and building a fan base, it will be a long time before this old train wreck comes to a full stop.




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