2018 Ultimate Guide to LMA Nominees

The 2018 MyFM Local Music Awards

Sunday November 18th, 2018 at 3pm
Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale
21+ and open to the public!
A celebration of local music with live performances, giveaways, VIP room and more!

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2018 MyFM Local Music Awards Live Performance Line Up!

We're Going Streaking
Warning Signs
Kelley and Ed
Nantucket Sound Machine
Roadhouse Strangers
Backyard Swagger
American Who
Post Party Set By Van Zalen


Photos and Videos

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2012 LMA Teaser by NEGB1

Milford TV 2013 LMA Presentation

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Bad Marriage Live Performance (2017)

Whiskey Church Live Performance (2015)

Tony Soul Project Featuring The Blues Borthers (2015)

Salty Johnson Band Live Performance (2014)

Abe Froman Project Live Performance (2017)

Tigerlily Live Performance (2015)

Loose Salute Live Performance (2015)

If We Go At All Live Perfomance (2015)



2018 Nominees


Favorite Local Pop/Rock Band

 Teter Todders

 Smear Campaign

 Warning Signs


 Whiskey Church

Gloomy Sunday

We’re Going Streaking


 Velvet Skies


Favorite Local Classic/Southern Rock Act

 Charity Case

 Anger Management

 American Sin

 Auntie Trainwreck

 The Northeast Groove

 TD and The Change


 South Street Band


Favorite Local Country Act

 Smoke n Whiskey

 Tequila Bonfire

 Gunpowder n Lead

 The Jim Libby Band

 Tailgates Down

 Backyard Swagger


Favorite Local Blues/Soul/R&B Act

 Soul Mob

 Tony Soul Project

 The Fat City Band

 The Groove Doctors

 Craig Carter and the Hurricane

 The Walkin’ Blues Band

 Milk Street Soul



Favorite Local Tribute Act

 American Who - The Who

 LoVeSeXy - Prince

 Everybody Wants Some - Van Halen

 Dirty Deeds - AC/DC

 Fellowship of the King - Elvis

 The Peacheaters - The Allman Brothers

 Zach Innis and the Honeybees - Tom Petty


Favorite Local Original Act

 Matt Zajac and Friends

 Sunshine Riot

 If We Go At All

 Tim Buono

 Templeton’s Holiday

 Roadhouse Strangers

 Bad Marriage

 Starr Faithfull


Favorite Local Acoustic Act

 David Rak

 Justin and Ray

 Ricky and Danny

 Gay Perkoski

 Sheamus McShea

 Meg and Charlie

 Rich Greene

 Ken DoRosario


Favorite Cover Song By A Local Act

 Shoot to Thrill – The Road Dawgs

 Smear Campaign – Billie Jean

 Chicken Fried – Tailgates Down

 Gloomy Sunday – Sober

 Gay Perkoski – Landslide

 Project Alice – Piece of My Heart

 Charity Case – Dream On

 South Street Band - Whole Lotta Love


Favorite Local Original Song

 Bad Marriage – Sorry Don’t Feed The Bulldog

 Starr Faithful - Drowning

 If We Go At All – Lights, 1970

 Matt Zajac and Friends – Lady in White

 Roadhouse Strangers – Faithless Flower

 Templeton’s Holiday – I Love Her Mind


Favorite Local Female Singer

 Jennifer Tefft

 Gay Perkoski

 Lizzie Leis - Project Alice/Teter Todders/Velvet Skies

 Stephanie Briere - Gloomy Sunday

 Danielle DeLucia - Auntie Trainwreck

 Jodee Frawlee - Starr Faithfull/LoveSexy

 Meghan Donofrio - Tailgates Down/Meg and Charlie


Favorite Local Male Singer

 Alex Duridas - If We Go At All

 Steve Gunnard - Stilburnin'

 David Penza

 Jon-Paul Royer - Tigerlily

 Charlie Haskins - The Eastwoods/Meg and Charlie

 Ken DoRosario

 Jeff Baker - Pieces of Eight/Confounded Bridge


Favorite Local Frontperson

 Lizzie Leis - Project Alice/Teter Todders/Velvet Skies

 Tony Parente - Tony Soul Project/Larry's in Rehab

 Emilee Tognacci - Velvet Skies

 Jon Paquin - Bad Marriage

 Christine Greenawalt - Girls on Girls

 Jay Keith - Smear Campaign

 Chip Zale - Whiskey Church


Favorite Local Bassist

 Tim Galvin - Teter Todders

 Todd Boisvert - Bad Marriage/We're Going Streaking

 Bill Donovan - Charity Case/Matt Zajac and Friends

 Danny Sutton - SOULidarity

 Jon-Paul Royer - Tigerlily

 Jamie Nicholson - Smear Campaign/Tailgates Down

 Adam Frost


Favorite Local Drummer

 Mark Allen - Warning Signs

 Keith Ryan - Gloomy Sunday

 Jim Lauzonis - On The Rocks

 Barry Giles - Smoke n Whiskey

 Fitch Proctor - We're Going Streaking/LOUD

 Matt Kudirka - Smear Campaign/Tailgates Down

 Matt Zajac Jr. - Matt Zajac and Friends

 Ed Barry - SOULidarity


Favorite Local Keybordist

 Ray Perrone - Drive South

 Kelley McCauley - Nantucket Sound Machine/Captain and the Stubings

Jim Sullivan - The Peacheaters

 John Rindone - Smear Campaign/Tailgates Down

 Carol Bracken - South Street Band

 Roger Jordan - Stilburnin'

 Eric Turner - SOULidarity

 Johnny Keys - We Were Astronauts


Favorite Local Guitarist

 Jay Del Signore - Velvet Skies

 Jay Tulio - TigerLily/We're Going Streaking

 Chris Terp - Captain and the Stubings

 Aaron Duridas - If We Go At All

 Jed Weeks - Whiskey Church

 Steve Serra - Charity Case/Matt Zajac and Friends

 Billy Patterson - Smear Campaign/Tailgates Down

 Dave Beccia - Project Alice


Favorite Local Music Supporter(s)

 John Walsh

 Adam Signore

 Derek Shields

 Nicole DeWolfe

 Kemberly and Mike Mauricio and Teresa Ballan

 Mary Sims

 Karen Jones

 Rob DeDomonic


Favorite Local Music Event

 Upton Country Fest

 Party For The Pantry

 St. Paddy’s Day Velvet Smear Tag Team

 Yacht Rock Night


 Thunder in the Valley


Favorite Local Open Mic

 Young Musicians Open Mic at Jasper Hill

 The Local Music Social at The Tradesman

 Open Mic at Alumni Restaurant with David Penza

 Open Mic at The Turtle Tavern with Tim Dolliver

 CraftRoots Tap and Mic Night

 Open Mic at TD’s with Chip Zale


Sexiest Local Musician

 Tony Soul

 Ken DoRosario

 Ian Haggarty

 Mike Fitzmaurice

 Matt Zajac

 Stephanie Briere

 Lizzie Leis

 Gay Perkoski


Favorite Local Live Music Venue

 The Tradesman in Milford

 CraftRoots Brewing in Milford

 140 Pub n Club in Bellingham

 Uptown Tavern in Franklin

 The Turtle Tavern in Milford

 Jasper Hill Cafe and Bistro in Holliston

 Liz’s Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale

 Central Tavern in Milford


Favorite Local Up and Comer

 Carlie Gonzalez

 Tyler Zajac

 Dan Rice

 Josh Ligor

 Ian Cornell

 Julia James

 Brady Wells

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