07 / 22 / 2019
  - 08:27:35 AM
Add A Little More Hammocking To Your Life

By MyFM's Ray Auger - Happy National Hammock Day kids.  It’s a shame but I think hammocks, or hammocking, has been lost on the times. And what’s even more curious is that we probably need hammocks now more than ever.  With the break-neck speed that we abusively treat our minds, bodies and spirits, we must all take the time to hammock from time to time.  (I have just discovered the beauty of using “hammock” as a verb and it and I’m loving it.)

Fun fact; the Mayans were among the first to introduce the hammock (hammocking) to the world by weaving bark from the Hamack Tree into an elevated lounger which protected them from snakes and poisonous animals and, as a beneficial aside, was pretty darn comfy.

Now, one would argue that a true hammock is and always shall be a hammock tied between two trees… coconut on the beach or oak or pine in the forest.  That a hammock supported by a metal frame is a hammock in jest.  I may partially subscribe to that idea of thought considering how many times I have passed over adding a hammock to my treeless yard.  Yet isn’t it true that the end result is the always same either way when drifting off into relaxation.  I may rethink my neurotic thought process on this one.  Why deny myself the joys of lounging in a hammock because of my silly little hang-ups.  We shall see. 

Choosing the best hammock to hammock in for you and your desired level of comfort can be tricky.  There are many materials and fabrics to consider, all providing different levels of skin to material sensitivity/enjoyment.  The most common being the traditional rope hammock which can provide a cool breeze for your backside on a hot summer day.   Yet, cotton rope hammocks absorb moisture easily, are prone to collecting mildew and are not always the most comfortable choice.   Fabric is another popular choice.  While quilted fabric hammocks provide an extra level of comfort with its two layers of fabric it can be uncomfortable in warmer climates due to its heavy material.  

So choose your style and material wisely.  Consider your desired end result and plan accordingly.  A hammock should be a happy place, not a source of uncomfortable frustration.  Good luck with your adventure to better hammocking. Now go get lost in a hammock today.  Put the tech down and shut the world off for an afternoon.  Leave your worries at your desk and reset your life with some relaxation. 

Happy hammocking!

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