02 / 06 / 2019
  - 02:22:11 PM
Another Instance Has Surfaced Where United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, Identified Herself As Native American

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - Another instance has surfaced where United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, identified herself as Native American, this time according to the Washington Post it happened when she registered for the State Bar in Texas. On the 1986 registration card, Senator Warren identified her race as “American Indian.” Warren, who is unofficially in the running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination is expected to make it official with an announcement in Lawrence this weekend has faced criticism, especially from President Trump, for her claims to Native American heritage decades ago when applying for law school professorships. Warren has maintained her claims and publicized a DNA test that revealed she is as little as 1/1024th American Indian. Last week, Warren issued a private apology to the Cherokee Nation for making the test results public, the first time on record that she apologized for the ordeal. The specifics of the apology were not made public. In the 2020 race, Warren will need to appeal to minority, nonwhite voters to be successful.

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