01 / 21 / 2015
  - 01:24:25 PM
FLASHBACK - Ten Questions With Rich Teter

So who is Rich Teter?

A guitarist/comedian from Bellingham. Sadly not sure if my jokes are as funny as my guitar playing.

What was your first experience as a working musician?

Filling in with my In-laws Country Band Grem Ferris & The Wheels at the time I was still dating my wife/then girlfriend. The fact that I could play guitar was a big reason they accepted me in their family. Her entire family is musical.

Teter Todders is a very successful “party” band that seems to stay busy on a weekly basis.  How do you keep it fresh?

Baking Soda

How do you choose the songs you perform?

If I can dance to it without hurting myself then we should be okay.

You’ve rubbed elbows with many famous musicians while working in radio.  Has that shaped who you are as a musician today?

Nah, famous elbows do nothing for me, I met Tom Brady all The Patriots and was with the Red Sox for most of four seasons including ‘04 and ‘07 and I am no better at either sport.

Who was the most influential musician you ever met?

My Jazz Professor Ted Casher had the biggest influence on me, but overall influential was a tie John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Brian May of Queen

What is the most important component of a local music scene?

Clubs that work together with bands to build crowds.

Describe the ideal room to play in as a band…

One with an audience.

Are you a  pro-Grohl or anit-Grohl kind of guy?

Love his music, as is the case with Bono have Grohln tired of his omnipresent act. Recently, Bono announced to CBS News that he may stop playing guitar due to a bike crash-Playing Guitar? I thought The Edge was their guitarist and he just hung it around his neck to pick up chicks.

Is rock n roll dead?

It will never die it is just old and stays on the couch until the summer then it does the shed tours.


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