03 / 17 / 2020
  - 07:52:22 PM
Give to the Local Musician's Relief Fund

Hi Kids.  This is an independent relief fund I have put together for members of our local music scene.  Facebook bumped it off their platform so I needed an Trojan horse of sorts to keep it going.  Please read the info below carefully and click the link at the bottom to give.  Thank you!

Ray Auger


We have many friends in our local music scene that being hit hard by this coronavirus pandemic.  As venues are closing, limiting hours or cancelling live music for the time being, many of our friends are losing out on actual income.  This fund will be used as a little bit of relief to our friends in the local music community who rely on these gigs to support themselves and their families.  

Once we have money in the fund we will distribute as evenly as possible.  I will ask for musicians to submit a request for relief which will be verified by the venues.  I will do my best to meet the needs of the musician to my best ability but it will all depend on the money we see come in.  The fund will be used for those who rely on live music as their sole income... or majority of.  I will ask that only musicians in need apply for this relief. 

Our geographical target area will be based on the Local Lowdown guidelines....


Any musicians losing gigs in these towns will be eligible for relief.  

Local musicians who live in above towns playing "elsewhere" will be eligible for relief as well.

All relief requests should be submitted to Ray Auger at raywmrc@gmail.com and will be handed out when we reach our goal and by a first come, first serve basis.

I sure hope this goes smoothly as I have the best intentions in mind.  Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

I will be excluded from said funds and will be working with others to distribute funds as needed.

Thank you







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