10 / 08 / 2019
  - 03:05:22 PM
Holocaust Survivor Speaks Before Joint Committee
By MyFM's Rick Michaels - A survivor of the Holocaust, joined dozens of civil rights advocates and public officials including the State Representative from Franklin, who all spoke before the Joint Committee on Education yesterday, offering testimony and support for mandating the teaching of Genocide in public schools. Henia Lewin, who lives in Amherst, told her survival story and how her family smuggled her out of Lithuania when she was one and half years old in a suitcase, as Nazi forces invaded the country. State Representative Jeffrey Roy of Franklin, who also represents Medway says he's been filing bills for years, to add Genocide to the curriculum frameworks. Roy says  events have occurred in this world now and we're seeing a rising tide of hatred, which has led me to believe we do need to reintroduce this and get a statewide mandate. The Executive Office of Public Safety last year reported that the number of hate crimes in the state in 2017 had climbed to 438, a 10-year high. Roy testifying before the Committee saying "I know that we do not like to mandate things in terms of inclusion in curriculum, and as a former Franklin school committee member I understand that quite well, but there are just some subjects that we should rise to that level and genocide, like we did with civics in the last legislative session, is one of those topics.  At this time there are 12 states that currently mandate genocides, including the Holocaust, be taught in public schools.




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