04 / 17 / 2018
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Leftover Red Sox Thoughts And Observations

By MyFM's Jake Archer - There has been a lot going on with the Red Sox of late and most of it is good, so I felt like just sharing some of the things that have been on the mind lately.

David Price Can't Pitch In The Cold?

Okay, I know I said most of it was good and I'm starting off with something bad. Sorry! Anyway, what is the deal with David Price now claiming he can't pitch in the cold weather? Hey man, you signed in BOSTON! It's cold here until like May at this point and even then, it's not always warm. How come this didn't come up in all of your other appearances in Boston or cold weather cities during April or October at any other point in your career? Why is this new? Now people are saying he has Raynaud Syndrome, which is a pretty common problem for women where the person affected loses blood flow to their extremeties. When Price got racked by the Yankees last week he came out after one inning and said his left hand was feeling tingly or something. Alright, well then he was scheduled to pitch yesterday and before the rain out even happened, he was pushed back so that he could start in Anaheim where it is warm. Meanwhile, Chris Sale went out in short sleeves and pitched through 30 degree weather and freezing rain on Sunday.

What are we doing here? I feel like this is made up because it's never been something that he's mentioned before. Whenever this guy starts to get on a roll and get people behind him, he does something nuts like this. Now how are we supposed to feel good about October with him? That's the next time this is going to come up most likely, because the Sox are out on the west coast where it should be at least moderately warm, and then they go to play in a dome in Toronto before heading back home at the end of the month. He should be lining up to pitch in Boston on the last weekend of April but unless the weather stays crazy bad, he might not see another cold outing until the playoffs. He's already a question mark when it comes to his postseason ability and now we're going to worry that one of our aces can't physically go out and get in done on a cold Boston night in October. Great! David Price is the gift that keeps on giving!

Top Prospect Michael Chavis Suspended For PEDs

Well, this stinks. The Sox farm system isn't exactly at it's best right now and we got hit with the fact that the most highly touted prospect they have, Double-A third baseman Michael Chavis, is probably a fraud. He was going to make a nice trade chip and now nobody is going to want him. Chavis was a first-rounder in 2014 but still wasn't considered an elite guy until he broke out last season for 31 home runs and 94 RBI while jumping from Single-A Salem to the Sea Dogs. Chavis had also vaulted up all of the nation's prospect rankings and seemed like someone I was excited to see in the big leagues one day. I guess that huge uptick in production might have had something to do with the fact that he was cheating. 

The 22-year-old is now serving an 80-game ban and has fallen out of favor. What did he test positive for? Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone. That's a mouthful, and that's a known steroid. Of course, Chavis put out a statement saying he didn't know what the substance was and how it got in his body, which is laughable. He also played the religion card by saying that God knows that he's innocent, which is rich. Lastly, he said he's never tried drugs or alcohol, so again I'm going to say that is probably false. I would say that I would keep following his story, but I think he's cooked.

Kelly Suspended For Brawl With Yankees

Of course, the MLB had to dole out some punishments for the Red Sox and Yankees brawl that happened last week at Fenway. Joe Kelly was hit with a six game suspension while the Yankees Tyler Austin got five games. I suppose the extra game for Kelly has to do with the fact that he's a relief pitcher and wouldn't be used every day? They both also got slapped with a fine and are appealing the ban to get it reduced. The other punishments handed out went to Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, Marco Hernandez, Sox manager Alex Cora, CC Sabathia and Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin. All of the players involved there were given fines because they entered the field while being on the disabled list. It's still a fun replay to watch as you see something new every time. Aaron Judge deserves a lot of credit for being a peacekeeper and actually protecting Red Sox players. Joe Kelly has earned hero status in Boston and even got a rousing ovation from the TD Garden crowd at the Bruins game on Saturday night. 

Sox Rotation Almost Fully Healthy

Drew Pomeranz is set to make his next start on the Red Sox west coast road trip and that will officially have Boston's rotation at full health. Pomeranz has been recovering from a strained left forearm flexor that was suffered in spring training and will either start in Anaheim on Thursday or Oakland on Friday. The lefty made two rehab starts with one coming in Pawtucket and one in Portland. He wasn't perfect in either one, but he was good enough and now will give the Sox more depth. They are off to a great start already and now are getting a guy who won 17 games last year back as their fourth or fifth starter. Hopefully he can be solid like he was like season. 

Now It's Time For A Real Test

We thought that the series with the Yankees was our first taste of real competition this year, but sadly those boys from New York aren't very good. Tonight, we get a marquee matchup. The Sox have the best record in the majors at 13-2 but the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) are a surprisingly good 13-3. They've been absolutley killing it out west and they are led by the game's best player, Mike Trout. On the mound for them tonight is the Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani had a rough spring training but has completely turned that around thus far in the regular season. If you don't know, Ohtani is both a pitcher and a hitter and he's excelled at both so far. He's been dealing but he's also faced the Oakland A's twice. No offense to Oakland, who has some bats, but they aren't the Red Sox. Tonight, we'll see what this kid is really made of. 

Going against him will be Price, which is always interesting. It's going to be a fun series and I can't wait to see if the Sox sustain what they've been doing. They've played defense well, ran the bases better lately, pitched amazing and started raking. They are running away with the AL East in April and they haven't even totally played their best baseball. They've still got Bogey out as well as Pedroia but yet they are just simply finding ways to win. The game gets underway at 10 tonight, which is tough but I think you have to stay up to watch it. This team is too good and too interesting and honestly that goes for the Angels as well. I can't wait!

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