04 / 24 / 2015
  - 02:45:32 PM
Live and Local Music Hop - Friday April 24th

By WMRC's Ray Auger - So much great talent in one local music scene!  On any given Friday or Saturday night (and even Thursdays) you can catch 3 or 4 great shows if you time it correctly and hit the right venues at the right time.  Here's a Live and Local Music Hop suggestion if you feel like getting a designated driver and making the musical best of you night.

We've got a busy night here in our local music scene!  Make sure you bounce around a little and check out everything that we have to offer!  There's a lot of talent making noise out there, many are 2015 WMRC Local Music Award Nominees!  I have added an LMA next to this year's nominees. Here we go...

Let's start with a two-fer at 8pm.  Justin and I (LMA) are at PJ's in Bellingham.  Stop in early for a bite... I suggest a big fat burger!  Can't wait to get mine before we start.  We start rockin' at 8pm.  Stay for at least 20 minutes please.  It's always disheartening to watch people walk out the door after one song.  The good news is that your next stop is across the parking lot.  Alexandria's Funk (LMA) is performing at Twelve.  Alexanderia puts the fun in funk.  Yup, I made that one up myself today when she was on Living For The Weekend.

9pm and you're heading back towards Milford.  Stop in and catch a little of Back Pages at Liz's (LMA) in Hopedale.  Might as well get a burger there too because they are just that good!  Apparently it's a music a burger theme tonight.

9:30pm head on down to Pepperoncini's (LMA) in Milford, another great venue for burgers, and grab some good vibrations with Matt Zajac (LMA).  Haight st. Meets the sunset strip. Classic hippy rock from the 60's/70's laced with some 80's party metal.

I'd send you out to a few more places but I think the wise thing to do, at this point in the night, is to settle in at Central Tavern (LMA) with venue favorites Whiskey Church (LMA).  Don't forget your dancing shoes and a towel.  It's going to get hot on that dance floor and Chip (LMA) and the boys are relentless partiers.

So there you go.  Plenty of live and local music to enjoy tonight.  And if you're content on staying put for the night then PJ's it is!  Drive safe and don't wear yourself out too much.  We have a whole other night to plan for tomorrow!



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