02 / 26 / 2019
  - 06:41:47 AM
Local Band Lands Rare Opportunity

By MyFM's Ray Auger - Bad Marriage has been working in the trenches lately. Grinding it out in the studio creating new music.  Sweating for full houses at local clubs and bars. Producing new logos and artwork to slap on t-shirts and trucker hats.  Manning their own merch tables gig and after gig.  Keeping up appearances by attending local shows.  And sharing the battlefield with some familiar names in rock royalty… Dokken, Steel Panther, Extreme, Buckcherry, L.A. Guns and soon a band that could help put these regional rockers a little closer to the front line.

Bad Marriage, a regional retro-rocker (featuring some local boys from Milford, Medway and Uxbridge) with machine gun guitar riffs and shotgun beats, is accustomed to getting “called up to the bigs” to support one of their favorite acts from yesteryear as they roll through the area and play some of the local theatres and clubs.  A couple years ago Bad Marriage fans, including this guy, loaded themselves onto a Vendetti school bus, dubbed the Bad Bus, and trekked out to the Palladium in Worcester to watch our boys open for Extreme, another local band done good. The latest honor bestowed upon Bad Marriage is a chance to open for another 80s icon, Tesla.  Not for one, not for two, but for THREE shows in THREE New England states.

There’s a good chance this is an opportunity that could really help to propel Bad Marriage into a whole new spotlight as they will have a chance to play some of the most popular concert venues in the region with one of the biggest bands that came out of the late 80s “hair band” era. “Hair bands” (and I use quotes because Tesla should be anything BUT associated with leather and Aquanet) fall into three tiers of popularity.  Allow me to break it down for you.  You have your Tier One bands… Poison, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi.  These are bands that still sell out larger venues and tour with great success.  Then the Tier Two bands… Kix, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys, Trixter.  Although these bands found great success during their days on MTV, they never really withstood the test of time outside of Hair Nation. Still, you can sometimes find a small show featuring some of these Tier Two bands from time to time.  Usually with one or two remaining members of the original band.  And finally the Tier Three bands… Tora Tora, Dangerous Toys, Jetboy. These acts had that one cool song that is best left in your lost box of cassingles.  Tesla falls nicely at the bottom of the Tier One list and oddly enough has as many memorable songs as the some of the bands at the top of the list. Long story short… great get for a local band!  Rock n roll boys!

Ticket information is available for Tesla featuring featuring Bad Marriage at House of Blues in Boston on April 16th, Aura in Portland on April 18thand Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on April 19th at www.badmarriagemusic.com





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