11 / 12 / 2021
  - 06:18:58 PM
Local Boy Raises Money For Local Homeless Children

Meet Brendan.  Brendan is a 4th-grader in Milford.  Like other children his age, Brendan enjoys karate and basketball, is a member of the local cub scouts and spends much of his time playing with friends and family.  But what sets Brendan apart from most children his age is his gift for giving.  Last summer Brendan saw a need to help some less fortunate students in his school and sprung to action with a lemonade stand.  Tomorrow, Saturday November 13th, Brendan is once again taking the initiative to assist over 70 homeless children in Milford with a hot chocolate sale in the driveway of his home at 129 Highland Street in Milford from 12pm until he runs out of supplies.

We caught up with Brendan and asked him a few questions about his efforts.

MyFM – Who are you planning to help with your fundraiser?

Brendan - The homeless kids in Milford.

MyFM - How much did raise from your lemonade stand this summer and what did you buy?

Brendan - I’m not sure how much we made but we bought over 400 prs of socks, underwear, backpacks & other school supplies. (Mom confirms that he made about $1000)

MyFM – Why do you want to help people?

Brendan - Because I’m having fun helping people.

MyFM - What will you be selling tomorrow at your fundraiser?

Brendan - Hot chocolate & cookies

MyFM - How else can people help out?

Brendan - By donating through my Mom’s Venmo @laureen-meehangroehl

MyFM - What do prefer making… lemonade or hot chocolate?

Brendan - Hot chocolate , I like that better than lemonade

MyFM - Which do you prefer drinking?

Brendan - Hot chocolate


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