11 / 08 / 2018
  - 01:22:22 PM
Massachusetts Election Results

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - As Republicans celebrated the first time a governor from their party was elected to a second term in nearly a quarter century Tuesday, the GOP lost ground in both state legislative chambers and will be even more of a minority on Beacon Hill come January. Democrats dominated the contests for 28 open seats in Tuesday's elections and flipped at least one seat in each chamber of the Legislature from red to blue to add to their House and Senate supermajorities. Democrats are set to begin the 191fist General Court with 127 seats to the Republican's 32 in the House. In the Senate, Democrats will control 34 seats to the GOP's six. The GOP held onto Rep. Kevin Kuros of Uxbridge's seat in a tight race in which a winner was not officially called until early yesterday morning. Bellingham Republican Michael Soter, Chairman of the Bellingham Board of Selectmen, defeated  Uxbridge Democrat Patrick Malone, who called him to concede yesterday. Soter will now represent the residents of Bellingham, Uxbridge, Blackstone and Millville. In the Senate Democrat Rebecca Rausch defeated Incumbent Republican State Senator Richard Ross of Wrentham by about 17 hundred votes to represent among other towns, parts of Franklin and Millis. The lost Senate seat belonged earlier to Scott Brown, when he launched his unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate. The Ross loss also represents the first time since 2014, a sitting Senator lost a re-election bid since Ryan Fattman of Sutton defeated Senator Richard Moore of Uxbridge.

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