04 / 07 / 2020
  - 07:33:21 PM
Milford Girl Helps People Breath Easy During Crisis

What do you do when your school work is done, you’ve chalked up the driveway enough to need a reseal this summer and you’ve played all the board games in the house at least seven times?  Most kids would rest.  Sit back and knock out a few episodes of (insert the latest preteen Disney Channel trending show here).  Not Allison Curley of Milford.  When it’s time to settle down, Allison is just getting to work.  For the last couple weeks Ally has been tirelessly creating cloth facemasks for family and friends.  These stylish creations can be reused with a simple wash every few days.  She uses cotton material to make it easy to breath with fashionable patterns and prints to fit anyone’s taste and style. 

As of this past weekend, Ally has sewn 40 masks and hopes to create at least another 60.  Who is she giving these masks to (besides this lucky morning radio host)?  “Anyone who wants or feels they could us one”, says the young do-gooder.  Her only goal is to keep people safe. 

It was recently suggested by officials that wearing a facemask in public during the COVID-19 crisis can help from spreading the virus.  Boston Mayor Marty Walsh ordered the use of them by all Boston residents that are travelling throughout the city this past Sunday.

Thank you Allison Curley for turning crisis into kindness with your selfless act of good will.  And thank you for keeping us all safe, one mask at a time.


A variety of styles to choose from...

Keeping the Corner Market in Holliston safe...

Mom and Dad Curley are stylin'...

Thanks for making the Augers look and feel good Ally...

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