12 / 21 / 2021
  - 07:22:12 AM
Milford Police Chief James Falvey Addresses Recent Break Ins

During recent weeks we have experienced an increase in breaking and entering complaints into motor vehicles and homes in the Milford.  These incidents have resulted in substantial personal loss to many citizens.

Many of the motor vehicles breaks occurred with vehicles where valuables were left inside the vehicle visible to passersby and in most cases the car doors were left unlocked. Some breaks into homes have occurred during the day when citizens have been at work.

Also during this time of year we have seen fraud and scams particularly against the elderly.

The Milford Police Department needs your help to protect you and your property.  Below are some crime prevention tips.


1.              If you hear or see something that you believe is suspicious, follow you gut instinct and call the police right away by dialing 911.  Officers will respond to check on the situation.

2.              Please lock your doors.  Don’t hide extra keys outside.

3.              Please do not leave valuables visible to others including delivered packages.

4.              Install security cameras.  Position some in area of deliveries.

5.              Secure all windows.

6.              Light the outside of your home where you park your vehicles to make visible and unattractive to would be thieves.  Outside motion lights can make it more difficult for a burglar.

7.              Don’t keep expensive jewelry, collectables, or large amounts of cash in your motor vehicle.  Keep a list of valuables with serial numbers and document them using videotape and or photographs.

8.              Lock you vehicles and keep valuables out of sight thus reducing temptations for thieves.

9.              Park vehicles in visible and well lit areas.

10.           Have neighbors keep check on your property while you are away.

11.           Never ever give out your social security numbers, credit card or bank account numbers.

12.           Don’t fall for quick get rich schemes or things that sounds too good to be true.

13.           Be cautious with contractors and giving money to charitable organizations.  Take your time to check the legitimacy or ask a family or friend to check for you.

14.           Call the police to ask any questions regarding legitimacy of anything you believe is not.

15.           If you have information and want to remain anonymous then you may call our tips line at (508) 473-3800.


Call us at (508) 473-1113 anytime to assist you and your loved ones.

On behalf of the members of the Milford Police Department we wish all a safe and happy holiday season.


Police Chief James Falvey

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