01 / 27 / 2016
  - 06:51:09 PM
Milford TV Continues to Support Local Music

By WMRC's Ray Auger - As the local music community continues to grow and evolve, many bands have made an effort to think outside of the performance box by offering new ways to entertain their fans while collecting new ones.  One valuable tool has been Milford TV and their continued support of local music.

On Sunday January 31st, Jennifer Tefft Band (Jennifer Tefft, Corey Prince, John Paolilli and Jon-Paul Royer) will be taping a live performance at Milford TV’s South Main Street studio.  “I have been extending this opportunity to all bands in the local community for the past year,” says Milford TV Executive Director Rob O’Keefe. “We have an obligation to bring staff-produced entertainment to the community, so this gives us a great venue to showcase our talents as a staff.”

Jennifer Tefft got her start playing for change in the subways of Cambridge and went on to release four CDs on her own record label while sharing the stage with bands like Aerosmith, Warrant, Missing Persons, and more.  Her songs have been heard on television shows like The Young and the Restless, CSI, One Life to Live, Stargate University and many more.  On top of all these accomplishments, Jenn’s work has been honored through various regional and national nominations and awards.

These days, Jenn can be seen in the Greater Milford Area, and beyond, with her acoustic guitar entertaining late night dinner and bar crowds.  She is also working on her 5th studio album.  “We are going to be doing six songs from the new CD that we start recording at the end of February,” explains Jenn.  “With a live studio audience and some cool lighting, it should be a pretty cool, intimate performance!”

Rob credits the Milford TV studio for creating such a magical musical experience.  “Our studio is big enough that we can facilitate a full band, camera crew and small audience.  We have also been told by several musicians that the studio has great acoustics.”   A new piece of studio equipment will be used at the taping on Sunday as well.  “We recently purchased a new camera jib which we will be using to give us sweeping overhead shots.”

Milford TV is no stranger to local musicians.  Many shows such as Milford Performs, Talk Show with RJ Sheedy, Jazz From The Combs and the Coffee House Concert Series feature and promote local musicians from various genres.  The idea of live in-studio band tapings began with a performance from We Were Astronauts last year and Rob would love to see it continue.  “It’s a win-win for everyone.  We get creative, original Milford TV content that the community can enjoy and the band gets a high-quality recording of their performance to share with fans, promoters, etc.  Music is art and Milford TV does whatever it can to help the local arts community.”

Jennifer is excited and appreciative for the opportunity to share her music through this format.  “This will be a documentation of a live performance and all that goes with it.  I will be playing to the audience and hopefully the cameras will capture a great show!”

The taping begins at 5pm.  Audience members are asked to be there by 4:45PM at the latest.  Homemade treats and beverages will be provided.  All ages are welcome.  The performance will be aired at a later date on Milford TV and their YouTube channel.  Please contact Jennifer Tefft on Facebook to check audience space availability.  Contact Rob O’Keefe at rob@milfordtv.net if you are a band or musician interested in hosting your own in-studio performance.

Milford TV is located at 138 South Main Street in Milford. 







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