02 / 21 / 2019
  - 03:36:46 PM
New England Legends Podcast Hits Milestone

The New England-based podcast New England Legends, now in its second year, is celebrating a milestone in the podcasting world by recently hitting one million downloads.  “We’re proud! That’s a big number to hit, and we’re just thrilled that people have taken a liking to our stories,” boasts cohost Ray Auger.  

TheNew England Legendspodcast is a weekly story-telling series that claims “if you give us ten minutes, we’ll give you something strange to talk about.” From the misunderstood lyrics to the beloved holiday classic “Jingle Bells” (originating in Medford, MA), to Edgar Allan Poe’s broken heart in Rhode Island, the New England Legendspodcast introduces you to a world of legend and lore on a weekly basis with humor and a unique brand of storytelling. 

“Each episode is less than 15 minutes and features music, sound effects, and voice actors.  It’s perfect for binging all close-to-eighty episodes if you’re new to the podcast, or for a quick fix of the unusual or unexplainable,” explains cohost Jeff Belanger.  “Each episode lends itself to great conversation,” adds Auger.  “We set you up with what we know, what we have heard, share a few laughs along the way, and hopefully the listener continues the conversation in their own way after.  It’s a community thing.”  

Auger and Belanger met through a series of appearances Belanger made on Auger’s morning radio show on MyFM 101.3 in Milford, MA.  Belanger’s experience with the unknown runs deep through a series of authored books, countless lectures and appearances in the legend and lore community, and his time researching and writing and researching for the hit Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.  Combining knowledge and know-how, the two created the popular weekly podcast that celebrates the unusual and unknown throughout the New England region. 

“I have been researching numbers recently”, says Belanger.  “There’s an iTunes stat that shows people listen to each episode more than once on average… we must be doing something right. I couldn’t be more grateful for our growing audience.”  Auger adds, “I love hearing from listeners who share the podcast with their children. I don’t think we expected that audience, but the show has certainly become a series that can be enjoyed by anyone… both young and old.” “My mom thinks we’re awesome,” jokes Belanger.


A new episode of the New England Legendspodcast can be downloaded every Thursday for free on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts.  There’s a Facebook companion group, website (www.ournewenglandlegends.com), and a site where fans can support the podcast (www.patreon.com/newenglandlegends).

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