01 / 29 / 2020
  - 08:46:44 AM
Ray's Quick Flick Review - Bad Boys For Life
Ray loves movies... Ray despises movie reviews from pretentious film snobs. Art is objective... as are movies.  Big, small... bad, good... to each their own.  So here's Ray's quick, no-nonsense opinion.  Just remember what they say about opinions...
Bad Boys For Life... indeed! A truly entertaining romp down memory lane with throwback gags for the faithful fans of the Simpson/Bruckheimer series. Martin Lawrence looks like that friend at a high school reunion that no one has heard from in 20 years... slowly he becomes recognizable once again as the guy you knew way back when. Yet he still struggles a bit to find his original groove. Will Smith is on top of his game with most of the focus on his storyline. My gut tells me that Lawrence spent most of his time on the set at catering instead of on screen. A familiar component to these reunion sequels is the introduction of younger characters for conflict and tension purposes. But it seems to work here as we are introduced to a new team of youthful Miami PD hotshots who are forced on Mike Loooowery and Marcus Burnett as they battle an evil cartel family. Twists... oh yes. Turns... a few. Action... packed. Comedy... holds true to the first two. Michael Bay cameo complete with technical easter egg for the Bay Faithful... hell yeah!

Bad Boys For Life (2020) - Rated R - Runtime 2:04

After Credit Scenes - Two short clips before main credits

Grade (on a scale from first run big screen to 8 months later viewing on your phone) - First Run Big Screen

Average swear word used - F---

Blood factor - Lots of stabbing and head shots

Likelihood of more sequels - Pretty high... bad boys for life...

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