06 / 28 / 2018
  - 08:05:11 AM
Silver Lake Beach And Arcand Park Parking Passes Available

Parking passes for Silver Lake Beach and Arcand Park are now available online. Residents are encouraged to purchase passes through the new portal.

A temporary pass will be issued, which should be printed and placed on the dashboard while parked at the beach. This pass will expired 14 days from date of purchase. A permanent pass will be mailed to you to replace the temporary pass.

Seasonal passes, both temporary and permanent, will have the car registration number (plate number) recorded on them. The gate keeper will compare your license plate to the number marked on your pass. If they do not match, access to the parking lot will be denied. You cannot use your pass in a different car. One pass per vehicle. Multi car families will need to purchase multiple passes. Passes for nannies, babysitters and caregivers will be required for each own vehicle.

Permanent Pass

You will receive a permanent pass in the mail prior to the expiration date of the temporary pass.

The permanent pass should be displayed in the upper left corner of your windshield.  

The passes will be marked with you license plate number. You cannot use your pass with any other vehicle. Apply the pass to upper left corner of your wind shield. Clean and dry the area before applying.

Day Pass

A day pass allows access to the beach parking lot for one day only. The printed pass will have the date purchased which will act as the expiration date and should be purchased the day of your beach visit. The gatekeeper will collect and tear the temporary pass in half, return the bottom half. You will need to display this portion of the pass in your dashboard while parked in the lot.


The cost structure has been moderately changed in efforts to cover the costs of maintenance of the beaches. Please note the new costs of parking passes for all Town residents.

Residential Season Pass: $10.00

Non-Residential Season Pass: $60.00

Day Pass: $7.00

To apply for a Beach Parking Pass CLICK HERE!

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