08 / 05 / 2016
  - 04:54:37 PM
Spotlight Show - Friday August 5th, 2016

Michael McArthur is a soulful singer/songwriter from Lakeland, Florida. Born into a musical family, it was this rich musical culture that helped mold Michael into the musician he is today. "I can remember being a kid and like a stone completely mesmerized by my Uncle John's folky fingerpicking, it was magic." Michael says, "and I remember visiting my dad on the weekends, running to his closet where he kept the guitar, pulling it out, and asking him to play." 

Born with music in his blood, Michael McArthur writes with raw, gut-wrenching emotion, delivering a new take on blues, soul, pop, folk, funk, and even hip-hop. Michael's soulful voice cuts through his emotionally-inspired melodies that aims to grab the audience by the heart. 

"A beautiful channel of human emotion, eloquent words rich with depth and meaning, Michael's music is both simple and complex.  He displays the wide spectrum of thought and perspective, creating evocative soundscapes that are poignant and profound.  His penetrating voice allows the mind to really hear the music as opposed to just listening to it." 

- The Huffington Post



About La Cantina Winery

La Cantina Winery was born out of our love of traditional Italian winemaking with friends and family.  Since its inception La Cantina Winery has become the premiere location for learning the process of winemaking.  From grapes, to barrel, and bottle, you are involved in the educational and fun process of making wine.

355 Union Street in Franklin

Purchase tickets for tonights wine tasting and Michael McArthur performance at www.lacantinawinery.com





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