08 / 13 / 2016
  - 04:16:42 PM
Spotlight Show - Saturday August 13th 2016

It's safe to say that our local area is not exposed to original music as much as it should be.  Many clubs, restaurants and bars offer up their stages to bands playing other bands songs.  Of course we call them cover bands.  And generally speaking, those cover bands are sought out by many who want to sing along to their favorite Journey or AC/DC song.  And that's certainly a beautiful thing, but consider the following.  Those two examples, along with all the other bands we enjoy listening to on the radio (or whatever your means of absorbing music is these days), started playing their unknown songs to small amounts of people in sticky-floored bars at one point early in their careers.  And that's pretty special.  We are very lucky, despite the lack of original venues in the area, to be home to some pretty talented musicians who are writing and producing their own music.  We Were Astronauts, GrandEvolution, Jennifer Tefft, Sheez Late, Gay Barboza are just a few that come to mind.  

Two of those bands will exposing you to new sights and sounds tonight at Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille.  Bad Men and If We Go At All.  Now, if you decide to step out of your comfort zone and take in some fresh new sounds, you'll be sure to see people singing along to these foreign-to-you songs. Their fanbases are derived from playing shows, recording CDs and shooting videos and sharing their work through websites and social media... guerilla marketing at it's best  You may also be surprised to find out that most of what you hear from these local, original bands rival those of the more "famous" variety that you hear on the radio.  (Keep in mind that these guys are usually working with a tiny fraction of time and budget that the big guys get). And Bad Men and If We Go At All are no exception.

Bad Men comes out swinging from the start and gives you the best parts of punk, hard rock and a bit of grunge.  It's angry, but it's fun.  It's everything you would expect a Misfits show to be 30 years ago.  (Tonight you're in for a special treat as Smear Campaign's frontman JK-47 fills in for Chris Hill on bass.)  If We Go At All is a tilt-a-whirl of melodic energy and indie rock.  A ride through wooded terrain with it's peaks and valleys, quietly peaceful picnic areas and jagged rock formations.  

While cover bands certainly play a very important part in local entertainment, original bands bring art and culture to a community.  Whether you like the music or not, you really have to respect the process.  After all, Bruce Springsteen wrote a song or two that no one had ever heard of before.  





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