08 / 06 / 2016
  - 11:21:30 AM
Spotlight Show - Saturday August 6th, 2016

SeYou've heard many bands refer to themselves as the "ultimate party band", and many can certainly live up to that idea.  But it's usually the bands that you rarely hear refer to themselves in such a definitive state of awesomeness who are the ones that actually own that title.  Whiskey Church, a mulit-WMRC Local Music Awards winner, is one of those bands.  They command the attention of any crowd from song one and make it difficult to take a break from the insanity that follows.  A high-energy, sing-along set list is accentuated by the high flying antics of lead singer Chip Zale, the (hard to take your eyes off) happy-go-lucky Kevin "Bam Bam" Gallagher on drums, the thumping goodness of bassist Chris Hill and the dueling guitar battles between Rob Keeler and Jed Weeks.  And, of course, there's the unsung hero of any live show... the guy that keeps the sound just rocking enough, but not too much that it makes your ears bleed... the Sound Guy.  For Whiskey it's Dan Spinney, who works with a few different local bands.  

To see a Whiskey Church show is always a memorable event.  To see them on their "home turf", Central Tavern, adds to the feeling that it must be some sort of holiday.  Central just so happens to be one of the best rooms to worship at the alter of Whiskey Church.

The party starts around 9 and there's usually a small cover charge at the door.  Get there early and grab some food from Central Tavern's ever expanding menu.  I suggest you stay seated and rest up those feet until the show starts.  It'll be awhile until you sit down again.


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