01 / 08 / 2019
  - 01:28:40 PM
The Cannabis Control Commission Grants Final Approval For A Retail Marijuana Store And Grow Facility

By MyFM;'s Rick Michaels - The Cannabis Control Commission has granted final approval for a retail marijuana store in Great Barrington, in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts, and a growing facility in Franklin. Both will be able to begin full operations later this week. The C-C-C yesterday issued a notice authorizing Theory Wellness to begin selling non-medical marijuana to adults 21 or older at its Great Barrington location, which currently operates as a medical marijuana dispensary. If it opens on Friday, which is the earliest date the CCC will allow it to open to non-medical customers, Theory Wellness would be the sixth non-medical retailer to open in Massachusetts. The CCC also authorized New England Treatment Access (NETA) to begin cultivation and product manufacturing operations for non-medical cannabis at its Franklin facility. NETA has already opened a recreational store in Northampton but had secured permission to transfer inventory from its medical supply. NETA has been approved to grow up to 50,000 square feet of marijuana at 5 Forge Parkway in Franklin, and to produce cannabis concentrates, vaporizer cartridges, chocolate bars, chocolate caramels, lozenges, gummies, chocolate-covered morsels, baked goods, lotion, salve, capsules, tinctures and cooking oil, according to CCC documents. CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman says as the new year arrives,  that could result in four to eight new retail stores coming online each month. The commission will meet on Thursday and is expected to vote to authorize more so-called final licenses. Getting from final licensure to commencing operations has taken roughly three to five weeks. Gross Sales totals for six-weeks, ending 12/30 just over $14.8 million.

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