10 / 07 / 2016
  - 02:54:07 PM
The Honest Ramblings of a Professional Anti-Writer - Bad Marriage's Knock 3 More Times

By WMRC's Ray Auger

There are a couple images that pop into my mind when I listen to Bad Marriage’s new EP Knock 3 More Times.  One is a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge and the other is a 1972 Ford Maverick.  The Judge was a little before my time but I can imagine a cutting room floor scene from Dazed and Confused with the song Be With You connecting the shots of a downtown strip cruising montage.  Now the Maverick, that was my first car and it sure was a beater.  But it got me and my friends from McDonalds, to the party and then to the lake on any given Friday night.  Knock 3 More Times, the EP’s title track, is exactly what would be echoing from the manually rolled down windows of “The Mav”.  You’d even hear a bit of a wobble at the beginning and the end where the cassette tape was stopped, rewound and played again over and over and over.   On a real good night, we’d park our cars somewhere, turn up the radio and let the tape run through a few times, automatically flipping itself over while we sang along and lived our simple, youthful lives.  To me, when I listen to Bad Marriage’s debut EP, that’s really what flashes through my mind…. the awesomeness that was the late 80s.   That EP could easily have fallen between Night Songs and Skid Row in my cassette holder in the backseat of “The Mav”.

Luckily for me, it is many years later and I can still appreciate some old school rock n roll.  And apparently so can Bad Marriage.  Don’t try to seek out the answers to questions they may ask… most are rhetorical.  Don’t look for any deep-rooted meaning in the lyrics… sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  The music is fun and energetic and takes you back somewhere, anywhere.  Or, I imagine, it can take you forward to somewhere you forgot how to get to.  Someone you wish you were again.  Something you lost touch with.

As for this kid?  I now drive a Dodge Caravan (don’t knock it… it’s great for transporting the family AND band gear.  Plus it has a skull emblem on the back so it must me cool) but I think I’m the same kid who was first in line at Strawberries to get the newest AC/DC album.  I appreciate and support bands like Jet or Charm City Devils who keep the spirit rock n roll for the sake of rock n roll alive and well.

Airborne, a nationally touring band that Bad Marriage happens to be opening for on Tuesday October 11th at Middle East in Cambridge, is a successful band that continuously beats down the myth that rock n roll is dying.  Smacks it right in the throat in fact.  One of the main reasons is that they don’t mess with the recipe.  Some quip that they may be nothing more than an AC/CD knockoff.  They play hard, they sing about sex and booze and good times.  They happen to be from Australia.  Knockoff?  I say nay.  Inspired?  Tributal?  (Not a word… I looked it up) Yes.  There’s a simple formula and there’s no shame in it because, as mentioned earlier, it calls back good memories and influences many more ahead.  And, in essence, that’s exactly what Knock 3 More Times did for me.  Now I just need a copy on cassette for the minivan!

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