09 / 13 / 2019
  - 10:26:40 AM
The Hopedale Water And Sewer Commission Meeting
By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The Hopedale Water and Sewer Commission will hold another discussion tonight, dealing with the town's petition to intervene, in a proceeding before the Department of Public Utilities that would allow the Grafton Upton Railroad Company, to acquire by eminent domain a parcel of land in Hopedale. The 155-acres at 364 West Street in Hopedale is being sought by GURR, which claims the land is critical and essential for the conducting of rail operations and the railroad, has been unable to purchase from the owner. Hopedale Water and Sewer Commission members have been reviewing the matter as it pertains to the town's water supply and the risk of being adversely affected by the proposed railroad operations. In the town's petition to intervene the commission is already concerned with the railroad's operations, relative to wetlands. This property has been identified through studies as being within the boundary, of becoming a viable future source of water for Hopedale which could be eliminated, with the acquisition of the property, by the Grafton-Upton Railroad.

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