03 / 27 / 2015
  - 03:18:23 PM
The Live and Local Music Hop - Friday Night (3/27)

By WMRC's Ray Auger - So much great talent in one local music scene!  On any given Friday or Saturday night (and even Thursdays) you can catch 3 or 4 great shows if you time it correctly and hit the right venues at the right time.  Here's a Live and Local Music Hop suggestion if you feel like getting a designated driver and making the musical best of you night.

Well, Tollbooth Willie is out in Southbridge tonight at The Cannery playing a Pearl Jam set with Jesus Christ Pose, a Soundgarden tribute from NY.  We'd love to see you but that's a hike so if you want to keep it local you're in luck!  Here's the plan...

8pm - Let's start in Bellingham tonight.  Bill McGoldrick and Danielle Jean are making their debut at PJ's Bar and Grill tonight.  The food is awesome at PJ's so start with a late dinner and catch the start of the show!

9:15pm - While you are right there, pop into Twelve to check out the classic rock sounds of Mystic Vibe.  Sky Weir puts on some great shows over there!

9:30pm - Jump on 140 and head back towards Milford.  All the way down to Pepperoncini's to catch some of Matt Zajac's show.  Maybe grab a slice of pizza.  Matt is a groovy cat that plays everything from hippie rock to hair metal on his acoustic guitar.

10:30pm - Now you're ready to rock!  Central Tavern is hosting Slak Jawz with special guests, the brand new, Sidecare Daredevils!

Well there you go!  That's my suggestion.  Of course you can do whatever you want as long as you get out there and support Live and Local Music!  Be careful out there and have a great night!


For the full schedule visit www.thelocallowdown.com



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