03 / 21 / 2015
  - 04:13:55 PM
The Live and Local Music Hop - Saturday Night

By WMRC's Ray Auger - So much great talent in one local music scene!  On any given Friday or Saturday night (and even Thursdays) you can catch 3 or 4 great shows if you time it correctly and hit the right venues at the right time.

Here's a Live and Local Music Hop suggestion if you feel like getting a designated driver and making the musical best of you night.  Tonight is a big one!  It's going to be tough to pick and choose so just do your best.  Myself?  I'll be rocking out with Tollbooth Willie at Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale.  Our special guests are Karate Show.  So, it goes without saying that I'd love to see you there at some point in the night.  Here's a suggested schedule to follow during your travels tonight.  (We're going to keep it pretty locally contained tonight because I have a feeling things might get crazy...

7pm - Lots of bands to check out so let's get an early start!  Our launching point is Pepperoncini's on East Main Street in Milford again because you didn't get enough pizza last night!  Or, if you want to mix it up, try the steak tip salad... there something in it that can't be legal!  Amanda Cote delivers her soulfull sounds starting at 8pm.  Just in time to finish your dinner and catch a few songs.

8:30pm - There's a treat at The Turtle Tavern tonight!  Normally not known for featuring live music, tonight they are hosting a performance from DDT (Danny Sutton, Dan Beauchamp and Tom Liberatore) and we are happy to see the addition of live music there!  Because you risk getting your mind blown by listening to Tom's amazing guitar work for too long, it's time to move on.

9pm - You're going to need a bit of a calming of the senses before our last two stops tonight so let's head over to Bellingham for Matt Zajac at The Coachman's Lodge.  Matt play's a wide range of acoustic music to get you in that feel-good mood.

9:30pm - While in Bellingham go say hi again, he was at The Coachmen's last night, to Ken Barney at Rock n Coal on your way back down 126.

10:00pm - A right at 140 and you can slide into Twelve to catch Mick Lawless.  Not only does Mick have the coolest name in the local music scene but he plays a mean Monkees.  Normally reserved for his tribute band Loose Salute, you get a taste of that and more.

10:30pm - Time to get rockin'.  140 back into Milford takes you right to The Tradesman for a special performance of We Were Astronauts.  They will be hosting a benefit for MS so dig deep, give gererously and rock hard.  Plus, our good friend Tim Rice will be taking photos at The T tonight!

This should give you plenty of time to come check out the end of our show at Liz's.  Of course I've got you driving by a couple times tongiht anyway so stop in at anytime.  And if all that ain't your cup of tea, here's the full Local Lowdown for the night...


Amanda Cote at Pepperoncini's in Milford

Tollbooth Willie and Karate Show at Liz's Diamond in Hopedale

MS Benefit with We Were Astronauts at The Tradesman in Milford

Matt Zajac at Coachman's Lodge in Bellingham

​New Bay Colony at Central Tavern in Milford

Girls on Girls at The Rose Garden in Upton

Whiskey Church at Hawk's Nest in Whitinsville

Black Thompson at UnCommon Place in Bellingham

Mick Lawless at Twelve in Bellingham

DDT at Turtle Tavern in Milford

Hit the Bus at The BBC in Franklin

The Walkin' Blues Band at Jasper Hill in Holliston

The Promise is Hope at Red Rock in Upton

Ken Barney at Rock n Coal in Bellingham


Bill McGoldrick and Danielle Jean at RooBar in Plymouth

Peacheaters at Chan's in Woonsocket

Straight Pipes Band at The Rusty Halo in N. Providence, RI

Idyll Minds at Lou's Cafe in Manville, RI

​Tigerlily at Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro



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