01 / 22 / 2019
  - 10:47:02 AM
The Milford Board Of Selectmen Will Meet In Executive Session Tonight,

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The Milford Board of Selectmen will meet in Executive Session tonight, to discuss two issues during a closed door session. Both issues deal with the Milford Police Department Milford selectmen will discuss with Counsel, all matters relating to complaints filed in Worcester Superior Court by Police Chief Tom O’Loughlin, regarding the Open Meeting Law and Personnel Records Law. As it stands at this point Chief O’Loughlin’s current contract with the town will expire at the end of June, and the town can now begin forming a Police Chief Selection Review Committee, to find a replacement for Chief O’Loughlin. According to the town by-law, the committee will need to consist of 12 members and 

must be put together within 30-days of notification. Among the members of the committee it would include the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen or a designee the Police Chief, if not the senior officer by rank, who’s not an applicant for the job also the Chairmen of the Finance Committee and Personnel Board or a designee. The other topic Milford Selectmen will discuss in executive session tonight, will deal with the police department and collective bargaining.

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