03 / 22 / 2018
  - 11:43:42 AM
The NBA Isn't Helping Anyone With These "Last 2 Minute Reports"

By MyFM's Jake Archer - In almost every sport at every level, fans, coaches and players all have issues with how the officiating is done. We complain a lot about calls and if they have a big enough impact, we might stew on them and be talking about them months, or even years, later. I mean just yesterday I busted into a spontaneous rant about the two questionable touchdown calls that went the Philadelphia Eagles way in the Super Bowl. It stinks, but we'll always have complaints about these things because there are always going to be errors or weird rules. 

Anyway, most leagues try to do their best to combat this and get the calls as right as they can. The NBA though, is doing something that I find absolutley ridiculous and infuriating. They send out these "Last Two Minute Reports" to talk about calls that influenced games late and whenever we hear about them it is always because they are admitting errors that changed the game and had an influence on the outcome. Honestly, we don't need this. It does absolutley nothing to help anyone at all. It's just them being like "oh hey we screwed up, woops!" 

I've seen a lot of these reports since they've been doing them and it always runs through my head that they are so dumb and serve no purpose. The reason I'm speaking up now is because a report was released yesterday regarding the Celtics late win over the Thunder the other night. The league said that they made multiple errors on the possession where Marcus Morris banged the game-winning three. Apparently, Morris should have been called for a 5-second violation and a travel before he took the shot and that would have obviously changed everything. In that case, the Thunder win and everything is different. 

The league also reported other infractions on the Celtics and said that OKC was clean as a whistle. I'm not complaining that they are doing this because it's the Celtics because I'm sure they are right and maybe it shouldn't have gone down the way it did. However, it's done. We aren't going back and giving the win to the Thunder so why are we doing this? It just makes the losing team mad that they got jobbed and makes the winning team feel like they have to defend themselves against criticism. It's insane that the NBA thinks this is a good idea and they need to stop it. I can't imagine what I'd be thinking on the losing end of this in a playoff game. I'd be going nuts and I'd rather just not know for sure. Let's do away with this please. 

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