The Ultimate Nominee Guide to the 2016 WMRC LMAs

On April 3rd we announced the nominees for the 2016 WMRC Local Music Awards and the voting has begun!  The winners will be announced and honored at Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille, winner of the 2014 Best Local Music Venue, on Sunday May 22nd.

Putting together the list of nominees, with the help of a committee of peers and fans, and creating this Ultimate LMA Nominee Companion, I realize how blessed we are to be the home of one of the best local music scenes in New England.  So many talented and dedicated local musicians live right here in the Greater Milford Area, which consists of 13 communities surrounding Milford.  So many generous fans and supportive businesses.  If you ever had a doubt that live and local music is thriving in our area, take a moment to click some links and listen to some of the nominees below.  The list is long and distinguished and well worth the time.  Find out where these bands and musicians are playing, get out and see a live show, buy their music.

Thank you for supporting live and local music and we hope to see you all on May 22nd for the big party!


*** Most links direct you to a Facebook page.  Please "like" and explore.  Listen to music, watch videos, find their websites and leave a comment while you are there.  Please "like" the LMAs by clicking here. ***

*** Most individuals are credited with the main band they perform with, although many perform with numerous bands ***


Favorite Local Original Act

Bad Men


If We Go At All

Sheez Late

Templeton's Holiday

Gay Barboza

Jennifer Tefft Band

Bad Marriage

Favorite Overall Local Cover Act

Teter Todders

Tollbooth Willie

Whiskey Church

Velvet Skies

Smear Campaign



Favorite Local Original Single

Tap that Keg - Templeton's Holiday

Work in Progress - Gay Barboza

Beerzebub - Bad Men

Chasing You - Side Traxx

Hard Attack - Sheez Late

3:00am - Tony Giuliano

Favorite Local Pop/Rock Cover Act

The Wingmen

Warning Signs

TD and the Change

The Road Dawgs

Pieces of Eight

The Northeast Groove

The Niteflies

Salty Johnson Band

Favorite Local New Act


Easily Distracted

Feels Like Yesterday

Tailgates Down

The Perry Brothers

Mary's Urge

Dirty Cherry

Favorite Local Soul/Blues/Funk Act

The Walkin' Blues Band

The Fat City Band

Big Chief

Tony Soul Project

Lois Greco Band

Drivin' Blind

Salty Dog

Favorite Local Country/Southern Rock Act

Tailgates Down

Shanna Jackman


Drive South

Darren Bessette Band

The Southern Rock Experience

Favorite Local Tribute Act

Girls on Girls (Women Who Rock)

The Peacheaters (The Allman Brothers)

Piece of my Pearl (Janis Joplin)

Dirty Deeds (AC/DC)

Dazed (Led Zeppelin)

KISS Forever (KISS)

Favorite Local Acoustic Act

Tres Hombres

Justin and Ray

Matt Zajac and Friends

Ricky and Danny

UFB Acoustic



Favorite Local Acoustic Solo Act

Jennifer Tefft

David Rak

Jillian Brown


Fran Fenton

Gay Barboza

Steve Poirier

Favorite Local Female Vocals

Alexandria Bianco (Alexandria's Funk/Tony Soul Project)

Meghan Earle (The Road Dawgs)

Meghan Haskins (Tailgates Down)

Gay Barboza

Emilee Solina (Velvet Skies)

Arline Urquhart (Teter Todders)

Stephanie Briere (Feels Like Yesterday)

Favorite Local Male Vocals

Jim Ligor (Zerodrift)

Derek Walker (Fourcast)

Chip Zale (Whiskey Church/Tres Hombres)


Tony Soul (Tony Soul Project)

Jeff Baker (Confounded Bridge)

Favorite Local Frontperson

Emilee Solina (Velvet Skies)

Lily (Tigerlily)

Chip Zale (Whiskey Church)

JayK47 (Smear Campaign)

Josh Pimentel (Salty Johnson Band)

Rich Teter (Teter Todders)

Tony Soul (Tony Soul Project)

Favorite Local Guitarist

Rick Goode (The Peacheaters/Pieces of Eight)

Roy Crandall (Slak Jawz)

Rich Greene (Warning Signs)

Aaron Duidas (If We Go At All)

Alex Duridas (If We Go At All)

Jeff Duhaime (Velvet Skies)

Justin Redden (Justin and Ray)

Favorite Local Shredder

Billy Patterson (Smear Campaign)

Jed Weeks (Whiskey Church)

John Paolilli (The Road Dawgs)

Chris Terp (None More Black)

Jay Tulio (Tigerlily)

Rob Keeler (Whiskey Church)

Kev Dagle (Tollbooth Willie)

Tom Liberatore (Stilburnin')

Favorite Local Drummer/Percussionist

Kevin Gallagher (Whiskey Church)

Matt Kurdirka (Smear Campaign)

AJ Vallee (The Peacheaters)

Tim Provost (Teter Todders)

Keith Ryan (Tollbooth Willie)

Kevin Figueiredo (Tigerlily)

Jake Vitale (Motorboat)

Kevin Cartier

Favorite Local Keyboardist

Johnny Keys (We Were Astronauts)

Roger Jordon (Stilburnin')

John Rindone (Smear Campaign)

Eric Turner (Soulidarity)

Jim Sullivan (The Peacheaters)

Favorite Local Bassist

Jon-Paul Royer (Tigerlily)

Chuck Voorhees (Dick)

Danny Sutton (DDT, Ricky and Danny)

Bill Donovan (The Wingmen)

Steve Dec (None More Black)

Karen Dronzek (Templeton's Holiday)

Anthony "Ant" DeLucia (Velvet Skies)

Jamie Nicholson (Smear Campaign/Tailgates Down)

Favorite Local Live Music Venue

Liz's Diamond Bar and Grille in Hopedale

Central Tavern in Milford

The Tradesman in Milford

Jasper Hill Cafe and Bistro in Holliston

The Uptown Tavern in Franklin

Millerville Men's Club in Blackstone

Pepperoncini's in Milford

Favorite Local Live Music Event

Labor Day Weekend Bash at The Tradesman


The Local Music Social at The Tradesman

The Rose Room Review at The Rose Garden

Chris Fitz's Back Porch Acoustic Hoedown at Jasper Hill

Original Music Showcases at Central Tavern

Favorite Local Single Band Event

The Road Dawgs Play Yawkey Way

Gompstock - Whiskey Church at WPI

Tollbooth Willie Plays Vs. at The Tradesman

Velvet Skies Thanksgiving Eve at Liz's Diamond

Jennifer Tefft Band on Milford TV

Tigerlily's New Years Eve at Central Tavern

Favorite Local Live Music Moment

Tommy Pile's Wardrobe Malfunction at Labor Day Weekend Bash at The Tradesman

RJ Sheedy and Chip Zale Kiss at 2015 LMAs

Gay Barboza Opens for Ellis Paul

Jennifer Tefft Performs National Anthem at Bruins Game

The Snow Flakes Perform North Pole Funk

Teter Todders Play Whole Show With No Breaks at The Tradesman

We Were Astronauts Win New England Music Award

Favorite Local Non-Musician Supporter

Adam Signore

Tim Rice

RJ Sheedy

Bryant and Mikayla Hopkins

Molly Auger

Sky Weir

Favorite Local Fan

Kim and Perry Leighton

Nicole DeWolfe

Melissa Lodi

Melanie Shields

Rachael Bassick

Tina Billings

Jose Ferreira

Favorite Sexiest Local Musician

Meghan Earle (The Road Dawgs)

Cindy Roy (Easily Distracted/Soulidarity)

Steve Poirier

Cam Thibault (Velvet Skies)

Diego Fagundes (Tailgates Down)

Tony Soul (Tony Soul Project)

Karen Dronzek (Templeton's Holiday)

Out and About Award - Favorite Local Musician(s) Who Supports Other Musicians

Keith Ryan

Matt Zajac and Bill Donovan

Tim Galvin

Trish and Steve Dec

Ron Roy

Jamie Nicholson

Dave Niro

Eric Miliot

Favorite "Sound Guy" Award

Rich Greene

Chris Rando

Dan Spinney

Jeff Duhaime

Scott Harris

Jeff Hall




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