12 / 18 / 2019
  - 08:01:26 AM
Tis The Season to Appreciate Local Music

By MyFM's Ray Auger - I think it's easy to forget and take for granted the outstanding and unique musical talent that hums and strums right in our own back yards.  After all, we are inundated with contageous messages about the latest this and the latest that from our "favorite" artists.  Magazine covers at grocery store checkout lanes remind us who is the hottest artist you must have on your playlist.  But, and I'm dead serious here, despite being a bit biased, in most cases, the people creating music in your own local area are far more interesting than most manufactured and nationally promoted pop stars of today.  I'm always impressed when I hear something original created by an artist who no one knows except a handful of local friends, fans and family.  The fact that they are creating art with minimal expectations of fame and fortune speaks volumes about their craft.  I especially get excited around the holidays.  With the magic that this time of the year brings, a variety of local holiday offerings are hung on our social media timelines with care in hopes that they will provide a bit of Christmas cheer.

Below are some of my favorite original and covered classics from our friends in the Local Music Scene.  And yes... I included some of my own.  Like I said... I'm completely biased.

15 local musicians came together to re-create this 1984 classic:

Dave Niro, Rich Teter, Mike Perry, Jim Ligor, Ray Auger, Lou Miano, Brian Butman, Justin Redden, Jon-Paul Royer, Mike McKeown, Antonio Casasanta, Shanna Jackman, Mike Rossacci, Tim Galvin & JK-47!

Vocals: Jim Ligor
Backing Vocals: Dave Niro, Mike Perry & Tim Galvin
Banjo/Guitar/Keyboards: Lou Miano
Trumpet: Bob Tremblay
Bass: Tim Galvin
Drums: Brian Butman

Recorded and mixed at LAME Headquarters by Lou Miano & Jim Ligor

Written and Performed by Mike Perry

Billy Idol holiday "classic" - Ray Auger on vocals, Brian Buttman on drums, Tim Galvin on bass and Lou Miano on guitar.

Ray Auger and Jim Ligor cover this Dean Martin classic.

Christmas original by Matt Enright.

Justin and Ray cover this Mariah Classic Christmas classic.

"Why is the floor wet toooodd?" - Smear Campaign covers Christmas Vacation.

Starr Faithful gets into the holiday spirit with this original tune.

Original song by Erron Geer.


Do you have a favorite local holiday song that you'd like to add to the list?  Email us the link...  raywmrc@gmail.com.  And, as always, let us know what you think about this article.






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