03 / 19 / 2020
  - 03:28:40 PM
What To Expect In Case Of Shelter-In-Place Order

By MyFM's Ray Auger - As COVID-19 shows no signs of slowing and many people (search "Spring Breakers COVID-19 on YouTube) continue to disregard the highly suggested practice of social distancing, it looks as if a possible nationwide "shelter-in-place" order could be nearing.  Sounds a bit scary doesn't it?  That answer varies depending on your geographical location.  Italy banned all public gatherings and called for a 6pm curfew while China forbids leaving your home altogether.  Most likely an order placed on our country would look similar to the order issued in San Francisco.

What is allowed during a "shelter-in-place" order?

The purpose of this order is to further enforce social distancing with perhaps a little more encouragement from local officials.  The public would be asked to absolutely stay in their homes with the exception of a few essential activities including going out for food and supplies, caring for your health by making trips to the pharmacy or visiting your doctor, getting exercise as long as you keep a distance from others and caring for family outside of your home.  

What will be open?

Pretty much everything that is essential to daily living... banks, grocery stores, laundromats, food and supply delivery services, health care providers, day care, gas stations, car repair, hardware stores and more.

How long will it last?

Who knows!?  Hopefully long enough to flatten that curve!

Now, as the above describes your basic "shelter-in-place" situation, it can be varied to fit the situation at hand as defined by the government implementing the order.  We will just have to wait to see.

Stay safe everyone!

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