07 / 08 / 2018
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Which Red Sox Should Players Should Be All Stars?

By MyFM's Jake Archer - I’m back from a little hiatus with some more sports takes, so be ready because they’ll be coming back at you. Today, I wanted to touch on which Red Sox are deserving of making the trip to our nation’s capital for the 2018 MLB All Star game. Just so we are all on the same page, I’ll let you know that All Star games are silly and the voting process is deeply flawed. The game doesn’t count for anything anymore, so it will probably only get worse, which is sad. 

The good news is that the midsummer classic will always trump the NBA, NHL and NFL All Star games. Those are all pretty unwatchable. Anyway, voting closed this past week and we will learn tonight who makes the squads when ESPN has their selection show at 7 pm. So let’s take a look at who the Sox will and should have on the American League squad.

Mookie Betts 1st among outfielders at the close of voting

Mookie is the leading vote getter among outfielders in the AL, which lines him up to start the game alongside Mike Trout and Aaron Judge. There’s really nothing to gripe about there because those three are probably the best options to get the honor. All are having fantastic seasons, but Mookie and Trout have been on another level. Betts started off well enough to make it a legitimate argument of who was better between him and Trout (a guy who either wins the MVP or finishes second every year). Of course, Mookie got hurt and missed time, so his numbers are now a bit off the pace that Trout has kept up, but he has picked it up again and is continuing his phenomenal season. Betts remains one of the best players in the game statistically while being popular and fun to watch. 



Andrew Benintendi 6th among outfielders

Benny Baseball is a fun case to take a look at. He’s currently 6th among outfielders behind Betts, Trout, Judge, George Springer and Michael Brantley. Again, there isn’t much to get upset about here. I would say he’s going to get in as a reserve and he certainly has earned it after a rough start to the year. Benny became about as locked in as I’ve ever seen a guy for a full month or so between May and June. He’s slowed down a bit but still should be making his first All Star appearance this year.



JD Martinez 1st among DHs

Here is the most open and shut case of all. JD Martinez is the best hitter in baseball. He’s exceeded every single expectation and is actually statistically having the best half for a Red Sox hitter ever. All of his at-bats are now appointment viewing and I’m excited to see him smoking second place Giancarlo Stanton in the DH voting.



Mitch Moreland 3rdamong first basemen

Mitchy Two-Bags got off to a fantastic start this year, even as he was stuck in a part-time role. He hit the ball so well, that the Red Sox stupidly decided they could just dump Hanley Ramirez. Well, he has tailed off a bit and is a very borderline All Star. At one point, it looked like he should be the starter. Now, he is really only relevant as a reserve option because the position is so weak in the AL. He sits behind Jose Abreu (deserving starter) and Yuli Gurriel as of the last update. Gurriel is not more deserving than Moreland, so it will be interesting to see who gets the nod to be the backup. 

All Star? I guess..


Craig Kimbrel

Like every year, Dirty Craig is the best closer in the league. He should be shutting the door for the American League in the ninth inning.

All Star? Not even a question


David Price

Wait, are you really saying there was some rumblings about Price being an All Star? HA. That would invalidate this whole game. 

All Star? No way Jose


Xander Bogaerts

This right here is a tough one. It is not tough to say that Bogey is deserving of an All Star bid, but he just will not get one. The American League has so many great shortstops, that X was not even appearing in the top 5. Manny Machado is the likely starter while Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, Didi Gregorious and Jean Segura rounded out the top vote getters. Bogaerts and Andrelton Simmons of the Angels are both worthy yet just have almost no shot. It stinks, but that is just the way it is.

All Star? He should be, but no he will not make the cut


Chris Sale

No one on the planet is pitching as well as Chris Sale at this very moment. Sure, Luis Severino and Justin Verlander probably have him beat for the whole season and one of those guys should get the start, but Sale is most certainly the third guy for the American League. Not bad for a guy who was holding back for the first two months

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