11 / 04 / 2016
  - 01:58:56 PM
Who is Between the Wars?

WMRC's Ray Auger - Is it a reference to the ever-deterierating climate of our government or just a cheeky internal ribbing not meant for pondering?  Is this mysterious duo politically driven, hellbent to spread a message of hope and/or self destruction or are they just a couple jokesters laughing at my attempt to read into something that isn't there?  Fact is... no one knows.  There's really nothing but limited information about this new duo who recently dropped a new single on the local music scene like a time bomb set to dance mode.

What DO we know about Between the Wars?  Their Facebook page is vague, so nothing there.  We know Tim Rice of timerice/photo spent some time with them at a recent photo shoot, but he's not talking.  Now I can only assume they are locally based, or perhaps transplants from across the pond, given this limited imformation.  Add to that assumption the fact that they reached out to me specifically to play their new single "Can You Hear Me", the Limited Edition 7" UK Release,  on WMRC, which I happily did.  Even presented with the unknown I agreed to test the waters with our listeners.  Upon spinning the track a few times, and sharing it on our social media platforms, I was innundated with exuberhantly positive reviews and many questions... lots of questions which I unfortunately have no answers to.  Is the bald guy that way naturally or is that a fashion statement?  Is this song a ressurected lost 45 b-side tune from an 1984 eurotech pop band?  Will we hear more?  Well... we can only hope.

Now, I don't claim to know much about what makes music "good" or "bad" so I won't bore you with a lengthy review.  What do you care what I think anyway?  You shouldn't listen to anyone who claims to know what's good or bad... I digress.  But, I know what I like when I hear it.  And this song is the bees knees in my good book.  Being a product of the 80s myself, and a retro connisuer of sorts, I can tell you that this song could hold it's weight in Solid Gold on a mixtape among the likes of U2, INXS, Duran Duran and, yes, The Flock themselves.  Give it a listen for yourself.  Throw some shades on, pop a collar and take a long drive in your 1985 Pontiac Fiero to Groovetown.  Cue the movie montage scene!

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